Plot The wall
Air date November 8, 2009
Season 37


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle can't find his fairytale book, but he can't find anything in Pferd's mess. All he finds are Pferd's things.
Scene As Wolle goes to talk to Pferd, he notice that Pferd as his fairytale book. Wolle has had enough of it, so he starts to build a wall of hay, so that they can get separate rooms in the barn. Pfred do nt mind that and leaves so Wolle can build his wall.
Scene Wolle have finished the wall and are enjoying the silence. On the other side of the wall Pferd are cooking a carrot omelet, Wolle decides that he are going to cook something delicious as well but he can't find any food on his side of the wall.
Scene Meanwhile on Pferd's side some Chickens has come by who think that Pferd's omelet smells delicious. Wolle can still smell the omelet, then it's good to have it so clean that you are able to find what you are looking for, Wolle pulls out a clothespin and puts it on his nose and resumes reading jis book. Then he are startled by loud music on the other side of the wall. He starts to yell at Pferd. Pferd can't hear Wolle, since he and the chickens are having a party.
Scene Wolle decides to climb the wall to see what's going on. But as he tries to get a better look the hay wall collapse under him. Pferd welcomes Wolle and asks him if he has had a good day, Wolle replies that the day could have been better. Pferd notice the wall are broken he offers to help rebuild it. But Wolle tells him that he don't really like the whole idea of a wall. Pferd then asks Wolle to join the party, and they all start to dance.
Scene Ernie assumes that Bert are in the mood for some music, Bert quickly tells Ernie that he are not in the mod for music. But Ernie has already started the cassette player. Bert tries to yell, but yells back that he can't hear him, the music are to loud.
Film Kids talk about being angry.
Muppets Bert are admiring a tree, when Ernie comes and ask Bert for a favor. Ernie wants to see Bert being angry. Bert asks why and Ernie tells him that he wants to see how a angry person looks like and since Bert are good at being angry he thought Bert would be perfect. Bert are flattered, but he does not have a reason to be angry right now. Ernie hen gies him a reason, he tells him hoe he lost Bert's beloved pigeons stickers. As Bert gets angry, Ernie thanks him, but then asks him to be mad again. He starts to re-tell the story of the stickers to get Bert to be mad again. After the second time Ernie asks Bert to be mad a third time, but Bert says he are to tired to get mad again. Ernie then tells him that his sticker collection really are missing and that the story he told were real.
Cartoon A dice rolls a train.
Muppets The Wörterfee doesn't have time for Wolf. She's talking to a good fish friend on her cell phone, who are good at making tongue twisters. Wolf goes to his friends to ask them if they have a pair of tongue twisters. They tell him it's not a tool, but a sentence that are hard to say. They come up with a tongue twister, he can tell the Woterfee. They then have a conversation using tongue twisters.
(First: Folge 2448)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ernie, Bert and Bernice travel the deserts of Pigeonia looking for a lost pigeon temple that contains "The Treasure of the Golden Pigeon"
Muppets Elmo and Grover sings "Red and Blue."
(EKA: Folge 2422)

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