Plot The stamp (Repeat of 2227)
Air date November 7, 2010
Season 38


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Wolle is about to start Sesamstrasse, he hits the yellow button and all the lights and monitors in the control room go out. He concludes that it was the wrong button and pushes the red one instead. Everything starts up again and he declares that, just as he had thought all along, the correct button was the red one.
(First: Folge 2518)
Scene Nils helps Finchen with a letter that she wants to send to Ella, who are on vacation. After Nils has put the stamp on the letter he goes back to the shop. Finchen then notice that the stamp are missing on the letter and begins to search for it. She finds the stamp standing close by and it turns out that the stamp are really looking forward to go on the long journey, but there's one little problem the stamp don't know how to prepare for a journey. Finchen decides to help the stamp.
Scene The stamp finds some garden chairs and a table that he would like to take with him in case he wants to relax. Finchen are not sure that it's the right things to take on a journey so she decides to go and ask Nils.
Scene Finchen asks Nils what you bring on a journey, Nils only manage to say that you should bring a suitcase before Finchen hurries away again. Finchen returns to the stamp and tells him about the suitcase. The stamp goes to look for a suitcase but only finds a box, but what to put into it. The stamp decides to put in a plant and a ball, so that he has something good to look at and something to do. Finchen tells him that if she was going on a journey she would bring her favorite leaf, so that it could keep her company. Finchen gives the stamp one of her leaves since he don't have any. But what else to bring, Finchen goes back to ask Nils.
Scene Nils tells Finchen that she should also bring some food, and asks her where she wants to go. Finchen tells Nils that it's not her that are going on a journey, but the stamp.
Scene Finchen returns to the stamp with some things that Nils have packed. The stamp then begins to sing about making a journey. After the song the stamp wonders where he are going and Finchen shows him the address on the letter. FInchen looks away for a short moment at the stamp has returned to the letter and next to the original stamp there's a new stamp with the items that they have packed for the journey.
Finchen posts the letter and Nils comes by to ask if she posted the letter. Finchen tells him that it's underway and that it also took the vegetables with him. Nils gets a little confused and Finchen laughs.
Cartoon Drawing a butterfly.
(EKA: Folge 2413)
Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow: Pferd sings a song about dancing. During the song, Bert has to stand in for a swan.
(First: Folge 2486)
Muppets As the boss asks Wolle to start the next segment, Wolle is nowhere to be seen in the control room. Wolle then yells that the boss has to find him first, the boss then says that Wolle is hiding under the control table and Wolle pops up from under the table. Wolle asks the boss how he knew it, and the boss replies that it's the only place to hide.
(First: Folge 2517)
Film Kids talks about washing clothes.
Muppets "Something Always Comes Between Us"
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Mr. Boss, flower shop owner, asks his newest workers, Bert and Ernie, to watch his plants while he goes out, only Ernie doesn't pay attention to the very careful instructions he lays out.
Cartoon (EKA: Folge 2383)
Muppets Grover works at a department store. Mr. Johnson wants a suit just like the one on the mannequin, but Grover is worried that the mannequin will be embarrassed.
(EKA: Folge 2443)
Muppets Wolle is eating bananas at the controls, but his boss tells him that he can't leave for the day before he has cleaned up after him. Wolle pushes the banana peels down on the floor and says he finished cleaning, and leaves. But on his way out he slips on the banana peels.
(First: Folge 2520)

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