Plot Green blubber pudding (Repeat of 2351)
Air date December 12, 2010
Season 38


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Wolle is eating spaghetti, when the boss asks him to start Sesamstrasse. Wolle replies that he doesn't have time for it now, then the boss mentions that there's 7 seconds until the show has to air. Wolle quickly clears the control panel and pushes the red button.
(First: Folge 2517)
Scene Rumpel are looking through his Grouch cookbook that contains the best recipes from his great-great-grandfather for a recipe on a green blubber pudding. But the recipe are missing, so he decide to try and mix one up himself.

Pferd comes by as Rumpel are busy in his kitchen, he decides that it's a good time for a snack and goes over to Rumpel. Pferd offer to help Rumpel to make whatever it is that he are gonna make, but Rumpel don't want any help at all. So Pferd decides that he will just stay and watch and promise that Rumpel won't even notice him.

Scene As Rumepl fetches an ingredient for the pudding he bumps into Pferd who are standing behind him. Pferd explains that he was behind Rumpel so that Rumpel could not see him and therefor he would not disturb Rumpel. Finally Rumpel tells Pferd to stay put and don't move.
Scene Rumpel are ready to try to make the pudding, Pferd gets excited and want to help and drops an additional thing into the put without Rumpel noticing it. The pudding turns red and Rumpel can't understand why. Pferd finds a piece of paper on the ground and asks Rumpel if he mind that Pferd does some cooking as well. Rumpel are so busy with his pudding that he gives Pferd permission to cook on his own. Pferd begins to cook.
Scene Pferd are singing a little song about cooking. Rumpel tells him to stop, but Pferd continues his singing.
Scene Rumpels pudding turns blue, Pferd are impressed, but Rumpel are not and once again starts to search his recipes. Meanwhile Pferd tastes his creation from the pot and thinks it taste great and then turns his attention to the recipe to see if it taste good as well and it does. Pferd's mane turns green and Rumpel then notice that Pferd have been cooking green pudding. And then realize that Pferd just ate the recipe.
Cartoon Drawing a cow
Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow: Finchen the singing organic snail sings about organic food. Gustav makes an appearance in the song.
(First: Folge 2465)
Muppets Wolle is about to sneeze as his boss asks him to start the next segment. Wolle is still about to sneeze, so his boss tells him "Gesundheit!" and Wolle stops and says that he has not sneezed yet. Just then he sneezes and hits the red button that cues the next segment.
(First: Folge 2516)
Film Kids talk about fruit.
Muppets The Count, dressed up as Elvis, sings "(You've Got to Count My) Blue Suede Shoes."
(EKA: Folge 2030)
Animation Bert and Ernie are enjoying a day at sea, when Ernie spots a character int he water, which Bert doesn't believe. Ernie dives under and meets Ethyl Mermaid, who plays tag with him. Meanwhile, a nasty rat parks his boat right next to Bert and begins tossing trash into the water. Ethyl agrees to meet Bert, but gets caught in some of the rat's garbage. Bert and the rat hear her air bubbles popping with yelling coming from them and offer to help. The rat attaches his anchor to the trash and pulls, setting her free. They then collect the trash from the ocean floor.
Muppets Gladys the Cow assists The Amazing Mumford on stage. Mumford says he will make her disappear, but his attempts fail, so he says he'll turn her into a duck instead. She runs off the stage in fright, which means his trick did work this time.
Muppets Wolle is eating bananas at the controls, but his boss tells him that he can't leave for the day before he has cleaned up after him. Wolle pushes the banana peels down on the floor and says he finished cleaning, and leaves. But on his way out he slips on the banana peels.
(First: Folge 2520)

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