Plot Rumpel White (Repeat of 2358)
Air date January 23, 2011


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle is trying to sing the Sesamstrasse theme song, but is interrupted by his boss who tells him that it sounds terrible, and asks Wolle to start the episode. Wolle stops the singing and pushes the red button. The episode starts as Wolle hums along with the theme.
(First: Folge 2516)

Scene Annette is reading the fairytale of Snow White to the others on Sesamstrasse. But Rumpel quickly becomes bored of the story and starts to tell them the tale of "Rumpel White" instead.
The stepmother asks the shiny hubcap who in the land is the most horrible of all, the hubcap responds that it would be Rumpel White. The stepmother is insulted and comes up with a plan and calls Rumpel White to her and asks Rumpel White to go into the forest to fetch more stink moss. At first Rumpel White refuses, but finally agrees when promised that she gets to keep some of it for herself.

Scene Rumpel White realizes that she is lost. Meanwhile the three dwarfs are setting the table for their dinner, but they realize that they have forgotten a few things and leave. Rumpel White comes by and starts to eat some of the food, afterwards she feels tired and decides to go to sleep. The dwarfs return and notice that someone have been eating their food. One of the dwarfs notices someone sleeping in its leafpile.
Meanwhile the stepmother once again asks the hubcap who in the land is most horrible of all, the hubcap tells her that it's still Rumpel White. Once again she gets angry and begins to layout a new plan.
Scene The stepmother has a new plan: she will create an apple that turns beautiful to ugly and ugly to beautiful. Now she just need to convince Rumpel White to eat it.
Meanwhile the dwarfs wake up Rumpel White, who is confused at first. Just then the stepmother arrives with the apple. As soon as the dwarves notice the apple they quickly take it. They are so hungry since someone ate their food. Shortly afterwards the dwarves are turned into Grouches. The magic hubcap is impressed and says they are all the most horrible in the land.

Back on Sesamstrasse Nils thinks the story is interesting. He then picks up a box of apples and offers them to the others who all quickly refuse.

Cartoon See (lake) and pferd (horse) combine the two and you get a Seepferdchen (seahorse)
Muppets Ernie gets ready for bed. He puts a cup of water on the table beside his bed, so he won't need to get out of bed to get water. He brings an extra blanket in case he gets cold, and puts a fan by the bed in case he gets hot. He also brings a book to bed in case he wants to read, a flashlight so he won't turn the lights on and disturb Bert, and a pencil and pad of paper in case he wants to draw. He also brings Rubber Duckie to bed with him, in case he wants his Rubber Duckie, he won't have to get out of bed. But then Ernie realizes that he has too many things in his bed.
(EKA: Folge 2432)
Muppets Wolle has put on a tree costume, as his boss asks him to start the next segment. Wolle is having difficulties reaching the red button. Then he gets an idea, he yells "timber!" and as he falls down he hits the button.
(First: Folge 2519)
Muppets Kids talk about listening
Muppets Bip Bippadotta sings "Air."
Muppets Ernie and Mr. Sock want to play with Bert.
(EKA: Folge 2377)
Muppets Bert plays a computer game where he has to match socks.
Muppets Bert shows the viewer a new dance, using only the eyebrows.
Muppets Wolle visits the garage to find out how an automechanic works.
(First: Folge 2353)
Muppets Wolle is happy with a flawless broadcast. The boss asks Wolle not to be so happy, Wolle just laughs at him and asks "what can possibly go wrong?" Just then, a lamp falls down and hits Wolle on the head. The boss tells him that a lamp could fall from the ceiling, for instance.
(First: Folge 2521)

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