Plot The fog (Repeat of 2443)
Air date May 29, 2011
Season 39


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening
Scene Mehmet and Finchen decides to cancel their plan of playing hide'n'seek due to the fog. Mehmet explains to Finchen what the fog are and how it appears. Finchen don't like the fog and wants it to go away so she can she her leafs. Mehmet gets an idea and leaves.
Scene Another one bumbs into the leafpile, and he asks if he are in Scotland. It turns out to be Nepomuk Nebel and he are the fog that surrounds Sesamstrasse, and he was heading for Scotland, but got lost. Finchen starts to complain about the fog and that you can't play hide'n'seek in to fog since it more or less impossible to see anything. She also think the fog are ugly. Nepomuk objects and starts to sing about the beauties about the fog.
Scene Finchen agrees that fog can be beautiful, and Nepomuk agrees with Finchen that fog makes it hard to see where you are after he once more stumble into the leafpile. Nepomuk tells Finchen he was heading to Scotland to visit his cousin, who are a wonderfull thick fog and shows a picture of his cousin. Finchen touches Nepomuk to comfort him, but quickly pulls back her hand since he are very damp. Nepomuk quickly starts yelling out various names, it turns out that it's hard to keep control over the water drops in the fog. Nepomuk leaves to keep the water drops in line, Finchen are impressed that he knows the water drops by their names.
Scene Mehmet returns and bumps into the leafpile, at first Finchen thinks it's Nepomuk that have returned. She tells Mehmet about Nepomuk and how he are heading to Scotland. Mehmet hands Finchen a flashlight so she can find her leafs in the fog. Finchen are excited, Nepomuk can use the flashlight to find his way to Scotland and walks away leaving Mehmet stumped.
Scene Finchen hands Nepomuk the flashlight so he can find Scotland, he thanks Finchen and leaves. Mehmet arrives just as the fog are dissolving and Finchen tells him how she gave the flashlight to Nepomuk. Mehmet suggest that they start their hide'n'seek now that the fog are going away. Finchen thinks of a better idea and they start to see what animal shapes they can see in the fog.
Cartoon A Schlüssel (key) and a Loch (hole). Combine the two and you get a Schlüsselloch (keyhole).
(First: Folge 2271)
Muppets Bert shows Ernie a way to pick up paperclips without using his fingers: By using a magnet! However, Ernie points out that Bert used his fingers to pick up the magnet.
Muppets Wolle interrupts the boss as he is about to tell him to start the next segment, as Wolle is prepared for just that. Wolle releases the 1000kg weight that he has hung over the red button just for that.
(First: Folge 2583)
Film A girl talks about her hobby, she likes to do magic tricks.
(EKA: Folge 2414)
Muppets Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sings "Cluck Around the Clock."
(EKA: Folge 2558)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ernie and Bert are working in a bakery. They get a call from Big Bob, who makes a huge order for "Chocolate Surprise", a pastry they're never even heard of before, and he wants it in only a short while. In a panic, Bert carefully follows the instructions from a cookbook for big orders, while Ernie less-than-carefully throws the ingredients together, making a mess of the bakery. Big Bob arrives, and is very pleased with their work, as their mess turns out to be exactly the Chocolate Surprise that he had ordered.
(First: Folge 2514)
Muppets Mr. Johnson goes at an airport restaurant and has just a few minutes left to catch a plane to South America. Grover is the waiter, and when he learns about Mr. Johnson's trip, he gives a big lecture on South America, making Mr. Johnson miss his plane.
Muppets Wolle have disguised himself as a balloon, but can't seem to turn of the lights. The boss asks the children to hold their ears and Wolle float into some pencils that blows the ballon and he can push the black button and turn off the lights.
(First: Folge 2585)

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