Plot The Opera frog (Repeat of 2378)
Air date June 12, 2011
Season 39


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle has built a card house and is asked to start Sesamstrasse, but he can't reach the red button due to the card house. But the boss insists and Wolle has to reach through the card house to get to the red button and as he does that the house collapses.
(First: Folge 2585)
Scene An operatic frog named Quarks is trying to sing "La donna è mobile" in Italian, but it doesn't go so well. Samson and Finchen come by to take a closer look at the noise they hear. Quarks explains to them that he really wants to sing the opera in Italian, but it's so hard. Samson asks why he has to sing in Italian. Quarks sees the point and tries to sing it in cat language. But that turns out just as bad. Samson is sure that it will work as long as they find a language that is more fitting for Quarks.
Scene Quarks is stumped: what langauge should he sing "La donna è mobile" in? He then tries various animal languages such as dog, bird, sheep and cow, but with no luck. Finchen asks Quarks why he is trying to sing in a foreign language as he is not Italian, a cat or a dog. Quarks wants it to be special. Samson tells Quarks that he is a frog and that is special.
Scene Quarks understands that he is a frog and not a cow, sheep or Italian, but how should he sing his song? Samson and Finchen suggest that he "quark" the song. However, Quarks doesn't think that it's very special for a frog to be quarking. Finchen tells him that a frog that "quarks" opera is special and Samson agrees. But it turns out that Quarks has forgotten how to "quark". Finchen begins to "quark" to show Quarks how to do it and slowly Quarks begins to quark "La donna è mobile". Finchen and Samson are imprssed and Quarks is happy with the result as well, because it seems he has found the right language for his concert. But before he leaves he tells Samson that his "quarking" isn't that good and that he should stick to roaring like a bear.
Cartoon Wasser (water) and a Hahn (rooster). Combine the two and you get a Wasserhahn (faucet).
(First: Folge 2326)
Muppets Bert and Ernie sing "Loud and Soft."
Muppets Wolle shows his boss how he can balance things. The boss tells him that it's time for the next segment and Wolle slowly moves over to push the button and afterwards drops it all.
(First: Folge 2581)
Film Lisa tries to lose some weight and shows how she eats healthy and exercises.
Muppets The Squirrelles sing "Don't Be a Tough Nut to Crack". (EKA: Folge 2313)
Muppets Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures:Bert and Ernie find themselves in Antarctica befriended by a bossy penguin who enlists Bert to be Daddy Penguin. As Bert leans, keeping an egg safe and warm is easier than it sounds, especially when you're surrounded by snowy hills and ice!
(First: Folge 2492)
Film The Martians are looking for the Earth and find pigs in space and the Moon along the way.
Muppets Wolle is having a hard time finding his way around the control room. He has found a pair of sunglasses and thinks he looks cool. However, he is a bit confused when the boss asks him to turn off the lights, as he thought they were already turned off. But he manages to fumble his way to the switch and turn off the light.
(First: Folge 2585)

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