Plot The fairytale prince (Repeat of 2393)
Air date July 24, 2011
Season 39


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening The boss tells Wolle that it's time to push the red button. He then notices the strange setup that Wolle has made. Wolle tells him that it's his "full automatic red button pusher". He activates the machine on the yellow button and the hand slaps Wolle in the back of the head so he hits the red button
(First: Folge 2582)
Scene Finchen is reading a book about "Sleeping Beauty". Then suddenly the Fairytale prince comes and offers his services to Finchen. It takes a few seconds for Finchen to realize that it's the prince from her story book. She decides to ask the prince how he woke up Sleeping Beauty, but the prince can't remember how he did it. He just graduated from the fairytale prince school and still mixes up the various fairytales. Finchen decides to test the prince: Finchen is going to be Sleeping Beauty and the prince will wake her. Finchen then goes to sleep and the prince sits down next to the leaf pile. When Finchen asks the prince why he did not wake her, the prince replies that he is waiting for the 100 years to pass. Finchen says that they will just pretend that the 100 years have passed and goes to sleep. The prince then yells at Finchen to wake her up. Finchen does not believe that's the right way to wake Sleeping Beauty, so he will have to do better.
Scene The Fairytale prince tries to come up with a way to wake up Sleeping Beauty. He tries with an alarm clock, but Finchen says that's not the right way. The prince then tries to make a lot of noise with various items such as pot lids, a flute, a drum and rattles, but Finchen says that's not a good way to wake a princess. The prince wonders if he has to defeat a dragon or be turned into a frog.
Scene The prince tries to remember what he learned at the prince school. He then tries to sing a wake up song. Finchen thinks it was funny but it's not the way to wake a princess. The prince then takes Finchen's book about the Sleeping Beauty, and notices a picture of the prince kissing the princess. He then kisses Finchen. Now that was a solution fitting a fairytale prince, so they then proceed with a little dance, before the prince says that he will have to leave to find the real Sleeping Beauty.
Cartoon A cow loses its color in the rain
Muppets Ernie plays a game with Bert where Ernie plays riffs on his drum set and Bert has to repeat them back. Bert is surprisingly good at the game.
Muppets Wolle is pretending to be Tarzan, when the boss asks him to cue the next segment. Wolle swings down to the red control panel and says "Me Tarzan, you button" and pushes it.
(First: Folge 2584)
Film Maxim takes his friend Moses to his speech therapist.
Muppets Herry Monster and Zoe sings "Moonshine."
Muppets Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Sir Bert and Sir Ernie are Knights who must rescue Princess Duckie from her high tower, which is guarded by a dragon. They discover that the dragon has two weaknesses: fear of water, and love of praise. After scaring the dragon a bit, they convince it to help them save the Princess by giving it a little praise.
(First: Folge 2499)
Film A high-speed film of a day at the beach.
(EKA: Folge 2495)
Muppets Grover conducts a piece of very emotional music. That is, the music that he conducts changes, and his mood changes with it. When he's had all he can take, he steps out of frame to stop that cassette tape that has been playing.
Muppets Wolle has disguised himself as a balloon, but can't seem to turn off the lights. The boss asks the children to hold their ears and Wolle floats into some pencils that pop the balloon and he can push the black button and turn off the lights.
(First: Folge 2585)

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