Plot Nils renovates (Repeat of 2450)
Air date July 31, 2011
Season 39


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle are stacking cans on top of each other, when the boss asks him to start Sesamstrasse. He tries to push the button without knocking down the cans, but ends up knocking them down anyway.
(First: Folge 2584)

Scene Nils checks to see if he has everything he needs to put up a new wallpaper in the shop. But what wallpaper should he choose. Samson suggest that he use the one with the stripes and Finchen suggest the one with the flowers. But Nils is not sure. Finchen tells him that he has to pick one that he likes and feel comfortable with, Samson agrees after all Nils are gonna look at it for a long time. Nils takes a look again at the wallpaper when a voice suggests pigs. The voice belongs to Hugo Räumlich, a wallpaper salesman and he shows Nils the latest in wallpaper fashion pigs. Hugo volunteers to help out, but Nils tells him that he don't want pigs on his walls, but he don't know what he want instead. Hugo has a solution they use all of them.
Scene Hugo starts to mix a batch of wallpaper glue, using two cartons of powder. Nils thinks that Hugo is using too much powder, but Hugo reassures him that it will hold the wallpaper better.
Scene Samson volunteers to climb the ladder and measure the wallpaper. Finchen gets the job to use the wallpaper glue. However, the brushes are stuck in the glue, Hugo don't see it as a problem as he just adds more water. Nils i not to sure it's a good idea since it could make the glue too weak, but Hugo assures him that it will work, after all he are a professional. Meanwhile, Samson breaks the ladder as he think he are a bit too heavy, But Hugo assures him that it was the ladder that was to weak. Finchen are unsure how they will be able to get the wallpaper up now they don't have a ladder. But that's not a problem since Hugo has a new plan
Scene Finchen begins to put on a coat of wallpaper glue on the wall. Meanwhile, Hugo climbs up on Nils back, Samson comes with the wallpaper and Hugo tells Nils to go forward. But Nils can't see where he are going due to the wallpaper, but Hugo don't think it's a problem. Nils endsup falling over the bucket of wallpaper glue and are glued to the wall, but mange to get free. Hugo tells them to continue and they begin to put on the wallpaper again.
Scene They have finished, and are able to view their work for a few seconds before the wallpaper begins to fall off the wall. Nils are actually happy that the wallpaper did not stick because he got a chance to see the various types on the wall and he has decided that he wants the striped wallpaper.
Cartoon A leopard loses its color in the rain.
Muppets At night, Ernie can't sleep because he's thirsty. Bert is out of town visiting his brother, so Ernie calls Bert on the phone to tell Bert he's thirsty. He follows Bert's advice to get a glass of water, but calls Bert again to thank him, and say he can't sleep. Bert suggests that he count sheep ... except Ernie doesn't hang up the phone.
Muppets Wolle interrupts the boss as he is about to tell him to start the next segment, as Wolle is prepared for just that. Wolle releases the 1000 kg weight that he has hung over the red button just for that.
(First: Folge 2583)
Film Lilly and Sofie's kindergarten gets a visit from the seeing eye dog Vita and they learn how to act around a dog.
Muppets Baby Bear and Papa Bear sings "Papa Bear's Hug"

Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Now cowboys in the old west, Sheriff Ernie and Deputy Bert must find Clarice the Cow, the only source of milk in the area. A singing cactus tells them she’s in Horseshoe Gulch. They head for the town on their “taxi” (a donkey named Speedy). Ernie hears “cow sounds” coming from the saloon and lo and behold, they see Clarice dancing with Billy the Bull. They use the element of surprise to enter, but she reveals that she and Billy are going on a world tour and their carriage is arriving at “high noon”. They try to convince her to stay by making Bert be her dancing partner, but his dancing is not up to her standards. Bert believes she could make the world come to her, which touches her and she decides to stay. Ernie, Bert and Speedy enjoy some fresh milk.
Film A high speed film of masons at work.
(EKA: Folge 2490)
Muppets Grover is a jungle photographer. "Hold still, little tsetse fly!" he says as he clicks the shutter. "Thank you. I will send you a print." He tries to find an elephant to photograph, but he never turns around in time. Finally, the elephant takes a picture of Grover for his collection.
Muppets The boss tells Wolle that the day is over and that he can turn off the lights but Wolle is nowhere to be seen. It turns out that he is up on the ceiling as he wants to dive down and push the button. The boss realizes that something bad is about to happen. Wolle dives down but is tangled up in his rope and stops just above the button. And just as they both thinks that Wolle is unable to turn the lights off, the rope snaps and Wolle lands on the button as the lights go out.
(First: Folge 2581)

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