Plot The missing F (Repeat of 2383)
Air date September 9, 2011


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening The boss tells Wolle that it's time to push the red button. He then notices the strange contraption that Wolle has made. Wolle tells him that it's his "fully automated red button pusher". He activates the machine on the yellow button, but the hand slaps Wolle in the back of the head, so he hits the red button.
(First: Folge 2581)

Scene Pferd is very hungry and wants to find something to eat. He passes Moni's photo shop (Monis Fotoladen) and greets Lena, who is sitting in her stroller outside the shop. He notices that the letter "F" on Moni's sign is loose and it could easily fall into his mouth, which it does. But he is still hungry and leaves to find some more food.

Lena, who saw it all, starts to repeat "yum yum yummm". Moni comes out to fix her sign and is shocked as she notices the "F" is missing. Detective Wolle quickly arrives as he hears something is missing. Moni tells him that the "F" are missing. Wolle looks around a bit and then conclude that a baby that is chewing next to the sign can only mean that Lena ate the letter. Moni doesn't believe it, as Lena's mouth is too small for the letter to fit. Wolle is sure the letter was eaten, but who has a bigger mouth? Wolle quickly turns his interest on Samson.

Scene Wolle concludes that the letter is in Samson's stomach. Moni doesn't believe it, since Samson is sleeping. Wolle tells her that sleeping is the main evidence that he did it, because he decided to take a nap after his snack. Moni is sure that if he did eat the "F", then they would be able to feel it in Samson's stomach because the "F" was so big. She tries to see if she can feel the "F" but finds nothing, and Wolle takes a try and Samson wakes up. They tell him that they suspect that he ate the letter "F", but Samson swears he is innocent. Lena continues to say "Yum yum yum" and Moni starts to suspect that Lena knows who ate the "F".
Muppets Grover plays the detective at his office. A frantic city gent rushes over to warn him about something that's bothering him outside, which, unbeknownst to both of them, turns out to be a very strong wind that blows everything away ... including Grover's office.
(EKA: Folge 1568)

Scene Moni starts to ask Lena, but Wolle is discouraged as they can't understand what she is trying to tell them.
They then hear someone eating nearby. It turns out to be Pferd, who is finishing up a carrot. Lena points at Pferd while saying "yum yum yum". They then realize that the suspect could be Pferd. Wolle declares that Pferd ate the letter "F". Pferd admits it, but confesses that it did not taste good. But Pferd can't understand how they knew, since they were not around when he did it. Moni tells him that Lena saw it all. Pferd is confused, as Lena can't talk. Wolle tells him that she made chewing noises, laughed and pointed, and that's how detective Wolle was able to solve another case.
Cartoon A spider loses its color in the rain.
(First: Folge 2415)
Muppets Ernie and Bert build a snowman, but Ernie fears that the snowman will be cold if they don't dress him. Even though Bert tries to tell him that snowmen can't feel the cold, that doesn't stop Ernie from dressing the snowman in Bert's clothing.
Muppets Wolle has dressed up like Robin Hood, as he wants to start the next segment with a bow and arrow. He fires the arrow at the red button but misses, so he quickly takes a few more shots but still misses. He decides that next time he will dress up as an Indian, as they are better at shooting, then goes over to push the button.
(First: Folge 2585)
Film Florian shows a yoga excerise, which he calls the "stork".
Muppets "Muppets Rhyme in School"
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: 00-Bert and 00-Ernie are secret agents whose mission is to stop the mischievous Dr. Nose from putting fake noses on everyone and everything. They chase him to his hideout on Nose Mountain where they try to unmask Dr. Nose and reveal his true identity.
Film A high speed film of a circus being set up.
(EKA: Folge 2392)
Muppets Mysterious Theater presents "Dial M for Mother".
Sherlock Hemlock tries to figure out what kind of message he needs to send to his mother two minutes before Big Ben strikes midnight... as he stands next to a London telephone booth. Luckily, Watson points out the telephone booth, and Sherlock makes the call just in time. The message Sherlock has is to wish his mother a happy birthday.
Muppets The boss tells Wolle that the day is over and that he can turn off the lights but Wolle is nowhere to be seen. It turns out that he is up on the ceiling, as he wants to dive down and push the button. The boss realizes that something bad is about to happen. Wolle dives down but is tangled up in his rope and stops just above the button. And just as they both think that Wolle is unable to turn the lights off, the rope snaps and Wolle lands on the button as the lights go out.
(First: Folge 2581)

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