Plot What to do with a pet? (Repeat of 2459)
Air date October 9, 2011


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening The boss tells Wolle that it's time to push the red button. He then notice the strange setup that Wolle have made. Wolle tells him that it's his "full automatic red button pusher". He activates the machine on the yellow button and the hand slaps Wolle in the back of the head so he hits the red button
(First: Folge 2581)
Scene Nils, Mehmet, Lena, Pferd and Wolle are watching a TV show about animals and are having a good time. Mehmet says that having a pet could be fun, but Nils are not sure about that.
Scene Once again Mehmet tells Nils that a pet could be fun to have for Lena's sake as she loves animals. Nils and Mehmet starts talking about what animal would be best, then Wolle suggest a solution to the problem, he and Pferd volunteer to be pets. Mehmet thinks it could be a good idea, then Nils could try how it is to have pets in the house, but Nils are not really sure. But before he can react on it Wolle and Pferd gets their stuff and moves in.
Scene Pferd and Wolle have made themselves comfortable in the house. Pferd and Mehemet are excited to know more about what it would say to be a pet. Wolle finds his book on the subject and starts to read aloud. A pet should be feed regularly and played with. Pferd likes the feeding part and immediately asks Nils to get feed. Nils goes to the shop to get some food.
Scene Mehmet and Nils then takes turns to play with the new pets and feed them. In the process the entire apartment ends up being very messy. In the end they are all very tired, except for the two pets. Nils and Mehmet decides to take a closer look at Wolle's book.

Scene Pferd and Wolle quickly agrees that being a pet are really great. Nils and Mehmet then comes back, Nils are holding a saddle and Mehmet a hair cutter. Pferd orders more food from them, and Nils responds by saying that he will be feed tomorrow. After a few seconds Pferd realizes that he won't be feed before tomorrow and are in chock. Nils finds the pet rule book, and says that the book says that pets should be feed once per day. It turns out that Nils and Mehmet have found other interesting things in the book. Nils says that the book says that horses can be used to ride on and Nils puts the saddle on Pferd's back. Pferd don't like the feeling of the saddle and tries to shake it off with no luck. Then Mehmet turns on the cutter and Wolle starts to shake with fear, he knows that sound. Mehmet says that the book says that sheep should be cut regularly and that the wool are useful to the sheep's owner. Wolle then remember s he have another appointment in five minuets and hurries out the door with Pferd close behind.
Shortly after Samson and Finchen turns up saying that Pferd and Wolle told them that Nils and Mehmet are looking for pets and that they will move in as pets.
Animation I wish a cool car
Muppets At Ernie and Bert's apartment, Bert leaves for the day as Ernie finishes setting up his drums. Telly enters, wanting to do some instant poetry with Ernie. Ernie hands him the letter A, and tells him to come up with an A word that rhymes with whatever word Ernie says as he plays the drums. Telly starts out slowly, but gradually improves and has fun!
Muppets Wolle shows his boss how he can balance things. The boss tells him that it's time for the next segment and Wolle slowly moves over to push the button and afterwards drops it all.
(First: Folge 2581)
Film Kids are talking about what autumn means to them.
(First: Folge 2416)
Muppets Furline Huskie sings "Comb Your Face."
Cartoon Connie the Cow and her friends decide to search the forest for presents they can give to each other.
Animation Today I'am gonna paint the mountains.
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater presents the Monsters with Dirty Faces.
Grover plays a police officer who tries to get Rocky to wash his face.
(EKA: Folge 2380)
Muppets Wolle have disguised himself as a balloon, but can't seem to turn of the lights. The boss asks the children to hold their ears and Wolle float into some pencils that blows the ballon and he can push the black button and turn off the lights.
(First: Folge 2585)

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