Plot The remote control (Repeat of 2426)
Air date October 16, 2011


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle is in a bathtub in the control room, when the boss tells him that the kids want to watch Sesamstrasse. Wolle is not surprised; of course they want to watch Sesamstrasse, but when should it start? The boss tells Wolle that it should begin now, Wolle quickly pushes the red button and slips down in the bathtub again.
(First: Folge 2583)

Scene Finchen are adding new leafs to her leaf pile when she sees Pepe running around with a remote controlled car after him and she wonders if Pepe are playing catch with the car. However it turns out that he tries to run away from Samson's remote controlled car, where the remote are broken and out of Samson's control. The car ends up crashing in Finchen's leaf pile. Finchen suggest that Samson should see if Mehmet can fix it. Pepe says that he could fix it with magic, Samson likes the idea and Pepe casts the spell. But nothing appears to have happened to the car, but Pepe are acting strange, his got an antenna on his head, headlights on his chest and a taillight on his cape. Finchen tries to use the remote and discovers that Pepe are remote controlled.
Scene Finchen and Samson are having fun "driving" Pepe around the street. But then the remote start to act up again and they can't stop him. Pepe ends-up going trough a bush, clothesline and a apple branch. Finchen tries to crash him into some empty boxes but that don't work either. But the boxes gives Samson an idea if they separate his feet from the ground he won't be able to go anywhere.
Scene Samson catches Pepe and lifts him up. Pepe thanks Samson as he was getting tired of going round and round and round. Finchen opens the spell book and Pepe are able to stop the spell.
They then discover that the remote has run out of batteries, Pepe suggests that he could summon some batteries but Samson and Finchen don't like the idea. So Pepe decides to fetch some from Nils. While Pepe are on his way Finchen and Samson see that Pepe still have the taillight on his cape and they laugh.
Animation Cloths turn into a mountain range.
Muppets Ernie tries to do everything quietly while Bert is reading. Bert gets annoyed and shouts at Ernie, so Ernie thinks it's okay to make loud noise again.
Muppets Wolle has dressed up like Robin Hood as he wants to start the next segment with bow and arrow. He fires the arrow at the red button but misses, he quickly take a few more shots that also misses. He decides that next time he will dress up as an Indian as they shoot better and he then goes over to push the button.
(First: Folge 2585)
Film Shelma takes her friend Julia to the Quran school.
Muppets "Take My Hand"
Cartoon Connie the Cow and couple of butterflies learns how to predict when it will rain.
Animation Today I want to make dinosaurs.
Muppet Telly and Juliet are about to eat breakfast, when Telly suddenly wonders what would happen if they had no elbows.
Muppet Wolle have invented a new ball machine, when the boss tells him to turn of the lights. Wolle don't want to turn of the lights, since he wants to play with his new machine. Then the machine starts to throw out more balls by itself and Wolle ends-up being knocked into the black button so the lights are turned off.
(First: Folge 2584)

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