Plot Clean Up with Elmo
Air date March 7, 2013
Season 40


Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo welcome us to Sesamstrasse, when he noticed that he is upside down. He turns the screen right side up to fix it.
Muppets Ernie & Bert — In order not to disturb Bert while reading, Ernie wears headphones to listen to the radio. Now Bert can't hear anything... except Ernie singing along very loudly.
(EKA: Folge 2539)

Scene the kids helped Elmo clean up his tree house by putting his toys in the color box. The color of the toy has to match the color of the box it is placed in. When Elmo tells the kids to put everything red into the red box, the kids placed Elmo in the box and tickled him.
Film A girl presents her skill of Mountain Climbing.

Scene Elmo tries to balance a ball on his nose. When he finally balance the ball on his nose, he reveals to the viewer that he put glue on the ball so it sticks to his nose.
Muppets Cookie Monster paints a cookie so that he can compare for the audience how true the likeness is to the real thing. After he shows how he even got every little macaroon, he eats both the cookie and the painting.
Scene Julia tries to help cure Elmo from hiccuping by trying to scared him. After many tries of scaring Elmo, she finally sneaks up behind Elmo and taps his back that scared Elmo. Elmo's hiccups are gone, but Julia has the hiccups now.
Animation Susi Schraube
Muppets Prairie Dawn sings "Beep" with the viewer and Grover.
Scene Elmo says good bye to the viewer and throws a ball into the air. The ball falls down and hit his head.

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