Written by Stephen Lawrence
Luis Santeiro
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.


"Hurray-Hurrah for Broccoli" is a Sesame Street song by Abby Cadabby about the first time she tried broccoli. Toward the end, she is joined by two flag-waving stalks of broccoli.

The song is performed to the tune of "Funiculì, Funiculà."



Hurray hurrah for broccoli Sesame Street, Abby singing 

Last night When I sat down to eat my dinner Mommy brought my plate And I couldn't wait

But then  She set it down and I saw something  I'd never seen It was all green

So I Stared at my plate and asked my mommy What this I see? She said broccoli

She said Just have a taste and you may like it I took a bite And she was right

I took one real small  bite And then I took two Pretty soon my Broccoli was all through I never thought that I would like it But I tried it now you'll see! Now I like to shout  "Hurray, hurrah for broccoli!"

        Ha ha!

(Broccoli sings) She took one real small bite And then she took two Pretty soon her  broccoli was all through She never thought that she would like it But she tried it now you see Now she likes to shout "Hurray, hurrah for broccoli!"

(Abby singing) And I'm singing "Ma! For broccoli, hurray, hurrah! (Abby and broccoli singing) And I'm (she's) singing "Ma! For broccoli..... hurray, hurrah!

       Mmm, yum! Ha ha! Yippee! Whoo-hoo!


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