For Me, For You, For Later is a bi-lingual Sesame Street education resource initative funded by PNC Grow Up Great and released by Sesame Workshop in April 2011. The 16-minute video teaches kids the value of money and how to save it.

Elmo has one dollar and wants to purchase a Stupendous Ball with it, but the Salesperson says it costs five dollars. To get enough to afford it, Elmo learns how to save his money and get more by helping out Leela, Alan and Luis. When he finally has enough, he shares his wealth with Cookie Monster, who ate his cookie money. Elmo then gets a cheaper, but still fantastic, ball to play with.

The online site for the video features extra clips, including promos for the video, films with real life kids and an animated song about jobs. The video was later used as the street story for episode 4282.

An audio play podcast called "Elmo's Adventures in Spending, Saving, and Sharing" features the voices of Elmo and his father Louie.

Cookie Monster made at least one media appearance for the project, on CNN program Your Bottom Line.



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