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TopicLast EditLast Author
Dialing-for-Prizes Movie21:21, 18 August 2022Aleal
Identifying voices for performer pages20:06, 18 August 2022Aleal
Chicago musical references?01:24, 14 August 2022Aleal
Electric Mayhem23:32, 12 August 2022Scarecroe
Actor vs Actress22:34, 12 August 2022Aleal
Jerry as Nigel in George Burns episode14:25, 2 August 2022MuppetDude
Character galleries06:00, 2 August 2022Lamango
It's not easy finding Bein Green11:44, 31 July 2022Scarecroe
Caroll's Little Bird in Episode 009514:54, 30 July 2022MuppetDude
Sesame Street closing theme (funding)11:25, 25 July 2022Scarecroe
Sesame Street Episode Guide reminders21:01, 21 July 2022Scarecroe
Sesame Street segment lists - holdovers00:09, 14 July 2022MuppetDude
Muppet Show title cards21:31, 13 July 2022Aleal
Tarnish v. Squares23:08, 30 June 2022Scarecroe
The arbor is in the yard02:39, 29 June 2022Minor muppetz
Dot Bridge03:37, 24 June 2022MuppetDude
Fred's son is Billy21:26, 17 June 2022Splurge
Episode 040119:56, 17 June 2022Allan Bao
Lily Tomlin and Kermit14:36, 16 June 2022Oscarfan
Page rename01:22, 14 June 2022Oscarfan
Wes and Elijah segments23:01, 13 June 2022Zanimum
Northern Calloway (David From Sesame Street)11:50, 9 June 2022Scarecroe
Solid Gold15:04, 6 June 2022Scarecroe
Sex & Violence photos12:48, 25 May 2022Scarecroe
Episode transcripts08:05, 21 May 2022MuppetVJ
Richard as the lavender member in "Long Time, No See"15:24, 15 May 2022Jbrangwynne53
SS musical bridges17:08, 6 May 2022MuppetDude
Unfinished TV00:33, 5 May 2022Oscarfan
Characters saying "We'll see you next time on The Muppet Show"17:53, 25 April 2022Scarecroe
Fraggle Rock song lyrics11:30, 25 April 2022RW Marloe
Repeated vs original content in My Sesame Street Friends14:40, 18 April 2022Oscarfan
Kermit as Chaplin photo puppet11:53, 16 April 2022Scarecroe
Gone But Not Forgotten19:48, 13 April 2022Scarecroe
More Muppet Show dubs on Disney+!17:06, 7 April 2022Dan3435
Muppets Haunted Mansion dubs02:43, 27 March 2022Aleal
Guidelines for dubs and co-productions02:41, 27 March 2022Aleal
Possible live appearance in 199613:03, 25 March 2022Scarecroe
Doc's Shero Wall16:05, 23 March 2022Scarecroe
Sam and Songs03:23, 14 March 2022Aleal
Back to the Rock characters17:59, 13 March 2022JagoAndLitefoot
Sons of Hawaii12:32, 13 March 2022Scarecroe
Emilio Delgado/Luis discrepancy06:44, 11 March 2022Oscarfan
O Urso da Casa Azul (EU Portuguese dubs)14:50, 7 March 2022Elmer mouse fan 34
Not-Too-Late on Cartoon Network04:54, 25 February 2022Antsamthompson9
The Muppet Babies Show arches17:55, 24 February 2022Aleal
El Baile del...11:57, 23 February 2022Scarecroe
Charlie Chalk20:22, 18 February 2022Aleal
Wubbulous World dubs01:31, 6 February 2022Scarecroe
Race Relations22:54, 5 February 2022Jbrangwynne53
Rudy Disambiguation03:22, 31 January 2022Ardeiwann
Back to the Rock Screenshots13:52, 29 January 2022Scarecroe
MOMI events04:40, 29 January 2022Jbrangwynne53
Stinkberries vs Stinkleberries22:41, 28 January 2022Scarecroe
Sprocket in Treasure Island21:41, 27 January 2022BradFraggle
Back to the Rock "Muppets"23:25, 25 January 2022Aleal
Muppet Show-era xmas (maybe) photo21:34, 24 January 2022BradFraggle
"Muppeteer" Credits21:52, 23 January 2022BradFraggle
Fraggle recasts18:14, 23 January 2022Scarecroe
Left-handed puppeteers03:40, 23 January 2022MuppetDude
Number Twelve Rocks voices00:59, 23 January 2022MuppetDude
Fraggle continuity00:21, 22 January 2022Aleal
Connections22:59, 20 January 2022Aleal
The Kennedy Center Connection05:50, 16 January 2022Aleal
Real times performers stopped/started doing characters19:55, 6 January 2022Minor muppetz
Greek Myth Episodes18:03, 3 January 2022Scarecroe
Danny Seagren instructing Barrio Sesamo puppeteers?18:35, 31 December 2021Splurge
Shows currently in production15:13, 24 December 2021Allan Bao
Rosita’s wings returned14:01, 22 December 2021Allan Bao
Emmet Otter stage show development20:17, 20 December 2021Jbrangwynne53
Possible episodic Sesame actor sighting20:58, 16 December 2021Bridge
The Muppet Show Live (2004)19:36, 14 December 2021Oscarfan
Muppet literature20:16, 11 December 2021MuppetDude
Kermit Love in Numerosity films?16:43, 9 December 2021MuppetDude
Punch in Christmas Toy00:29, 7 December 2021Scarecroe
Christmas Toy Barbie Performer04:09, 4 December 2021Oscarfan
Balsam the Minstrel22:36, 26 November 2021Oscarfan
On The Street Where We Live17:35, 19 November 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Brothers Grimm13:48, 18 November 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Home Video22:03, 15 November 2021Jbrangwynne53
Identifying episodic Sesame actors23:24, 12 November 2021Scarecroe
Doozers 1990s?22:17, 9 November 2021Oscarfan
Transitional object minimum appearances?00:37, 8 November 2021Scarecroe
Wiki Milestones05:49, 2 November 2021Aleal
Chip filmography question11:17, 30 October 2021Scarecroe
Exposed puppeteers at events02:47, 28 October 2021Aleal
Denise23:53, 19 October 2021Oscarfan
Halloween Productions11:54, 14 October 2021Scarecroe
She Drives Me Crazy Celebrities18:49, 11 October 2021D'Snowth
Minor Theater Mentions03:27, 11 October 2021Aleal
Master tape slates19:50, 6 October 2021Cheril59
'One of These Things'17:36, 6 October 2021FozFozBear
The winter hat that keeps coming back11:39, 5 October 2021Scarecroe
Filming Locations00:25, 5 October 2021Scarecroe
Grandma Harriet10:59, 4 October 2021Scarecroe
Transgender Names and Pronouns16:09, 16 September 2021Scarecroe
Video indexing10:35, 10 September 2021Scarecroe
Wilkins Coffee titles10:30, 10 September 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Babies (2018, Italy) rest of voice cast19:51, 7 September 2021Scarecroe
Muppet mentions in text articles11:18, 3 September 2021Scarecroe
Music for Clown Makeup Insert15:27, 30 August 2021Aleal
Elmo's World: Pets music20:20, 28 August 2021Scarecroe
Season 24 cast ID16:54, 25 August 2021Scarecroe
The Price is Right10:51, 24 August 2021Scarecroe
Louise Gold as The Countess?23:46, 19 August 2021Aleal
Sesame Street segment lists 2.002:58, 15 August 2021MuppetDude
Muppets at Disneyland (2021)18:43, 11 August 2021Oscarfan
Release Me 2 question14:39, 8 August 2021Scarecroe
Cookie Monster's Nightmare song04:54, 2 August 2021Oscarfan
Found info on honker costume00:12, 26 July 2021Scarecroe
Season 41 article21:02, 25 July 2021Jbrangwynne53
Found something on the unkown appearance page00:02, 24 July 2021Tellymustard
Pink Floyd14:05, 21 July 2021GrantHarding
Should I create a category for lost muppet tv shows14:01, 21 July 2021GrantHarding
Something new in the works? Pinball in-reference with animated Cookie Monster12:11, 21 July 2021MuppetDude
(Ar)Mando21:08, 16 July 2021Oscarfan
Sesame production date queries13:39, 14 July 2021Oscarfan
Bear on Today11:00, 6 July 2021Scarecroe
What to do with the Caricature Muppets sandbox13:00, 4 July 2021Scarecroe
Feelings and other theme categories11:57, 1 July 2021Croebot
Initials - Periods and Spaces20:38, 13 June 2021Scarecroe
Circle 4 Ranch or Footlight Theatre?15:44, 12 June 2021Scarecroe
Interview Transcripts11:15, 12 June 2021Scarecroe
Eren Ozker20:47, 11 June 2021Oscarfan
Same segment, different picture00:42, 9 June 2021Scarecroe
Putting cartoon voice actors on specific episode pages05:30, 6 June 2021Garrettk41
The First Years15:05, 4 June 2021Scarecroe
Unknown Merchandise00:44, 4 June 2021Bigbird96
Charles Grodin was dubbed22:34, 31 May 2021Aleal
Noodle Flapdoodle12:07, 19 May 2021Scarecroe
Episode 0312 scene 122:12, 18 May 2021Scarecroe
Mr. Dressup's Holiday Special22:51, 17 May 2021GrantHarding
2 Moms on Sesame Street22:48, 15 May 2021BTLfan4
Characters who own or drive vehicles22:51, 11 May 2021Aleal
Tweedle Dee14:51, 3 May 2021GrantHarding
Episode 138720:22, 28 April 2021Scarecroe
Muppets on TV13:21, 28 April 2021GrantHarding
Dr. Teeth and Perry Como14:45, 21 April 2021Jbrangwynne53
Muppets Tonight lists16:12, 19 April 2021Scarecroe
Muppet villains22:05, 15 April 2021Splurge
Muppet Bands10:35, 9 April 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Babies end date23:15, 6 April 2021Aleal
Moss providing all backing vocals in the album version of "MAD!"18:57, 5 April 2021Oscarfan
Fred Rogers Productions, upcoming projects00:40, 3 April 2021Splurge
TV Academy interviews14:38, 1 April 2021Scarecroe
Full House20:35, 31 March 2021Aleal
Baby Koozies19:57, 30 March 2021MuppetDude
TMS UK Airdates10:54, 25 March 2021David French
Big Bird Through the Years07:10, 25 March 2021Drillbit Taylor
Jeffy or Jeffie19:06, 22 March 2021Jbrangwynne53
Falsies21:51, 19 March 2021Aleal
Boober recast?14:43, 17 March 2021Scarecroe
Irvine performer in Telly scene?18:56, 13 March 2021Oscarfan
African Masks - last performer02:56, 12 March 2021Oscarfan
Svengali01:20, 10 March 2021MuppetDude
My Morning Jacket Songs20:29, 9 March 2021Oscarfan
Momity Mabsley00:03, 7 March 2021Jbrangwynne53
Cursing Muppets in foreign dubs22:09, 2 March 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Show directors16:47, 1 March 2021BradFraggle
Snuffy in the sandbox15:46, 1 March 2021Scarecroe
Cuts to The Muppet Show on Disney Plus15:34, 1 March 2021BradFraggle
TMS Ep. 205 - Poster05:59, 27 February 2021Scarecroe
Muppet Show Synopses13:30, 26 February 2021MuppetDude
Caroll Spinney characters12:57, 18 February 2021Splurge
Sesame song spoofs00:20, 18 February 2021Scarecroe
International Dinosaurs dubs17:51, 16 February 2021Aleal
Wilkins maintenance11:51, 1 February 2021Scarecroe
Reporter Kermit on CBS18:59, 31 January 2021Scarecroe
The Muppet Show Episode Guide20:02, 25 January 2021MuppetDude
Reporter Kermit photo ID13:49, 23 January 2021Scarecroe
Oscar and Maria, sitting in a tree05:04, 20 January 2021MuppetDude
Episodes adapted in The Muppet Gallery booklet22:42, 18 January 2021Scarecroe
When to use the "first" option in a song template box04:08, 18 January 2021Aleal
Worthington, again14:03, 14 January 2021Scarecroe
Rare WNET PBS signoff with Big Bird20:17, 11 January 2021MuppetDude
Old Viral Videos Page08:08, 7 January 2021Jbrangwynne53
Tony Geiss Archives22:16, 4 January 2021Scarecroe
Sesame Street closing signs - EKAs and Firsts?20:49, 31 December 2020MuppetDude
Snuffy Through the Years14:17, 28 December 2020MuppetDude
HBO Max credits23:16, 24 December 2020Aleal
Christmas is Number One21:28, 24 December 2020Oscarfan
Raphael Sbarge on Sesame Street15:00, 23 December 2020BradFraggle
38,000 articles!15:12, 21 December 2020Scarecroe
New category for Sesame arcs19:49, 20 December 2020TimzUneeverse
Did this segment air? Big Bird Rhymes Hooper (Sequel)17:56, 13 December 2020Oscarfan
Another Caroll Spinney audio character/honorable mention?14:31, 12 December 2020MuppetDude
Sesame Stories poster origins13:55, 12 December 2020Scarecroe
Hello How Are You12:28, 10 December 2020Scarecroe
McDonald's 2002 Muppet Show Plush22:58, 1 December 2020Scarecroe
Recent Social Media Videos17:21, 23 November 2020BradFraggle
The Saga of Sally00:30, 17 November 2020Croebot
A Writer and Her Horse23:48, 5 November 2020MuppetDude
Forgetful Jones breakfast song: unaired?15:25, 31 October 2020Scarecroe
Matt and Sprocket on NBC23:57, 13 October 2020Scarecroe
Sack-body Muppet cleanup17:24, 9 October 2020GonzosNoze
Photos/set dressings in TMS14:41, 8 October 2020Scarecroe
The Count at Obama's 2013 inauguration12:29, 3 October 2020Scarecroe
The Muppet Show - Season DVD Packaging Covers23:01, 2 October 2020Drillbit Taylor
Foo-Foo's gender15:39, 2 October 2020Minor muppetz
Welcome to the Article Content forum!18:15, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
The Monster at the End of This YouTube Video18:15, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Spam Filter?18:14, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Sesame Street writer NAS18:14, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Peter Linz as Robin18:14, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Dot Bridge (different color variations)18:14, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Dinah! Songs18:14, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Cyndi Lauper and Rizzo the Rat18:13, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Creation of pages for Street Story appearances of SS Muppets18:13, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
Caroll in "Good Morning Starshine" and "Before and After"18:13, 1 October 2020Scarecroe
AM in Episode 222018:13, 1 October 2020Scarecroe