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Hey all! As some of you already know, 2021 will be the year of the Fandom/Gamepedia desktop skin redesign, called FandomDesktop. In order to help communities better prepare, understand, but especially get insight and be able to get involved by sharing their feedback, Fandom has been releasing blog posts with the latest updates on the design.

The latest reveal is "A deeper look at Navigation on FandomDesktop", which gives you some more insights and mock-ups for how search, profile submenu, and notifications will look, and some insights as to how the decision about the new local navigation came to be.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I strongly recommend giving it a read (click here). Should you have any questions or concerns about it, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Good or bad, I'd love to hear your opinion on it all! Any and all feedback you have to share on this is relevant for me to know.

In case you have missed the previous blogs:

  • The first blog was about Introducing FandomDesktop, the new look and feel for desktop users (read here)
  • The second blog was about A deeper look at Article Pages on FandomDesktop (read here)

Looking forward to receive your feedback! Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 20:12, 1 May 2021 (UTC)

Regarding the Creator Toolbox... will these links be customizable for each user the way that the bottom navigation bar is now? β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 16:33, 3 May 2021 (UTC)
I know some things are still being reviewed about that, so for now I want to defer to the blog post Will announced to release next. If the answer isn't cleared up there, I'll go hunting for one :-) Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 16:50, 3 May 2021 (UTC)
Also, will this be the space where admin tools live? i.e. Move page, Protect page, Purge page, etc. β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 16:52, 3 May 2021 (UTC)
You're referring to the tools that are accessed by pressing the arrow next to the edit button, right? Then no, these are different. These tools will be accessible directly form the right rail, so no need to press anything else to access them. Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 18:51, 3 May 2021 (UTC)
I'm confused. Are there two right rails? β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 22:08, 3 May 2021 (UTC)

No, you will have one right rail, though you will have the option to collapse this. On the left of the screen, you'll have the Fandom global nav, which is now at the top. Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 17:39, 4 May 2021 (UTC)

Gotcha. What's the current status on TOC? The last video demonstration I saw, they said there would be a TOC icon on the left, but the old TOC would still stay inside the article so they could run metrics on clicks. Which doesn't make any sense. If they keep the old one, people are going to use that rather than the new one. β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 18:30, 4 May 2021 (UTC)
There still are both TOCs: one that remains at the top and one that scrolls down with you. Having both prevents users from having to scroll back up to review the TOC whenever they want, so that's where the side TOC comes into play. If you were asking about the click ratio for each option, I do not know. Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 22:23, 4 May 2021 (UTC)
My feedback is that this is redundant. There's no need for two TOCs and keeping the old one just to track clicks is detrimental to the new TOC. The Table of Contents has long been a thorn in the side of wiki articles: sometimes they're expanded by default; sometimes they're minimized by default; sometimes they're expanded or minimized depending on whether or not you're logged in; sometimes they show all the sub-headers, sometimes they don't; sometimes they appear halfway down the article, sometimes they're at the top. There's been no consistency with TOC for over 15 years, and designing around them is a nightmare. Moving the TOC to the left rail and having it follow along with scroll is the best move, and removing it from the body of the article should be a top priority. β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 23:31, 4 May 2021 (UTC)
I have relayed that back to the team, so thank you for elaborating on why you think that. Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 16:00, 5 May 2021 (UTC)