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I wanted to bring up a thought I had (and have already acted on a little bit) regarding the information scrounged up fairly recently about various voice actors who lent their voices to Sesame Street cartoons. I had the thought of adding their names to pages for any episode featuring the cartoons they were in (with the exceptions of cartoon characters who already have their own pages. Like, I wouldn't cite Jim Thurman every time an episode featured the Teeny Little Superguy.) I was told that that was considered en masse editing, but in my personal opinion, it's actually very useful for those of us who like to create pages for specific episodes on IMDb and other sites. Whenever I do that, I use the Wiki as a guide for adding in the cast, and I think seeing the voice actor's name right there on the page is way more convenient than going through the available list of actors trying to find out those in a specific cartoon are there or not. So what do other people think? Does my line reasoning make sense here? All opinions are welcome. Garrettk41 (talk) 05:30, 6 June 2021 (UTC)