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The earliest time that I can find of Fred Garbo playing Barkley is Episode 2015, which aired in 85. The earliest time that I can find Eric playing Bert and Grover are both from 1999, episode 3807 and 3824. The latest time that I can find Jerry playing the Two-Headed Monster is 3811, which aired in 99. Should the text in all those different characters' articles be changed to reflect that? -- Anthony (talk) 10:05, 20 December 2021 (UTC)

Anthony, you need to be sure to specify such instances in your edit summaries. Otherwise just changing the dates doesn't indicate anything to anyone, and doing so on multiple pages at once is confusing. On Character recasts, it probably wouldn't hurt to specify that the character wasn't used for the missing gap. There's also the mild complication that's come up before, of recording date versus air date (Episode 2015 was taped in November 1984) but I think we settled that. In the case of the Fred Garbo page, there's the fact that he was getting screen credit from the start of the season, so that's an apparent contradiction unless you explain why. It's just communication and showing sources like with anything else on Muppet Wiki. -- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 10:46, 20 December 2021 (UTC)
I had been meaning to bring up Eric as Bert. Someone just added 1997 as a start date early in the Wiki's lifespan without a source. If those are Eric's earliest performances of Bert and Grover that we know of, I'll agree with changing if we have a consensus. As for noting character interims between recasts, maybe note the last performance of a former performer? I did something similar on The Big Bad Wolf#Casting history. — Jon latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 19:28, 20 December 2021 (UTC)
I just thought of this. The Virgin Atlantic commercial with Piggy apparently aired in 2001. Can anyone figure out if it aired before or after MuppetFest? Because, it could have been Eric's first public performance of Piggy. -- Anthony (talk) 10:23, 23 December 2021 (UTC)
I don't know where we got 2001 from (or how we know Nigel Plaskitt puppeteered her), but this ad site claims it was released in October 2002. Our article says this particular ad campaign launched in 2001, not necessarily this commercial. —Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 13:28, 23 December 2021 (UTC)
ProQuest was able to solve the start date, but the performer credit is still an open question. It dates back to the first edit, by Andrew, which linked to a page on, but that didn't get scraped by Wayback Machine. -- Zanimum (talk) 02:55, 24 December 2021 (UTC)
Performer info is in Nigel Plaskitt's downloadable word doc CV, here. -- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 04:12, 24 December 2021 (UTC)
Nick, where are The Sun, Marketing, and Financial Times available? I don't have access to them on —Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 14:12, 24 December 2021 (UTC)
Having a high enough Wikipedia edit count, I get access to ProQuest Central‎ database. I've uploaded the sources to WeTransfer, -- Zanimum (talk) 02:44, 25 December 2021 (UTC)
Thanks! —Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 13:18, 25 December 2021 (UTC)

Apparently Animal shows up in Muppet Monster Adventure, which was released after Muppet RaceMania. (YouTube) Should we change the casting history section of Animal's page to reflect that? -- Anthony (talk) 10:00, 6 January 2022 (UTC)

Can we source who did the voiceover for Animal in either of those video games? It's possible it doesn't make sense to bother including either of them as the last production for Oz's tenure as the character. —Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 12:23, 6 January 2022 (UTC)
Well, to be overly padantic, if we're going with last released production... Oz's final performance of Animal was 2007's The Muppets on Muppets. -- BradFraggle (talk) 16:11, 6 January 2022 (UTC)
As far as sources for the games go, Frank Oz is credited in Muppet Race Mania, don't know about Muppet Monster Adventure but that was a year before his Muppet Show characters started to be performed/voiced by other people. --Minor muppetz (talk) 19:55, 6 January 2022 (UTC)