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Since the Wiki's anniversary is coming up, I was wondering if it was okay to get Muppet Wiki:Milestones out of protection. I know there are things in there that are outdated, the bits on active users and page edits, but we can just get rid of those. What do you guys think? Antsamthompson9 (talk) 00:26, December 3, 2020 (UTC)

Done and done. Have at it! β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 12:23, 3 December 2020 (UTC)
Right now, the page is getting messy. The date headings for each section are retained, so with the 2012 versions, it comes off rather confusing and repetitive rather than an archived page as initially intended. I'm not sure the best solution wouldn't be to create a new heading with the 2020 anniversary date instead (replacing the December 2015 one), and archive the rest as its own time capsule page the way it was ("Muppet Wiki:Milestones History" maybe?) or else keep those graphics from 2012 with the specifics at the time and just create a new variation on top, even if it keeps some of the same points.
For example, the seasons were adjusted to 51 (which just started) but the episode total hasn't to encompass those which haven't aired (which is an example of a sentence that probably should have just been left and a new section created above it). It might be best to go back to the 2020 15th anniversary day and mark that and try to fix the stats there, and state that it's not really meant for constant ongoing adjustment prior to the next anniversary (or protect again). Right now, especially as more users than Anthony start getting involved, it's getting messy and a reminder why it was archived to begin with. It's not really intended as a current stats thing, just stats *at the time* of the specific anniversary, and that's getting lost. -- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 06:58, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
Most of the numbers on that page under the 2015 heading are there via magic words, meaning they update in real-time as the wiki grows and do give the current stats; they are not (nor have they ever been) a "snapshot" of where we were in December 2015 or on any other anniversary. The few non-magic word statistics have to be updated manually; but a majority are real-time stats (the few that don't are the ones that say "over x" as opposed to just a specific number; such as the number of Facebook followers or Muppet kisses). -- BradFraggle (talk) 15:12, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
There are two ways we can do this: 1) keep the numbers as they were originally recorded with the date headers. 2) Allow the numbers to generate fluidly, removing the date headers. Right now it's a messy mix of both. β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 15:23, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
Do we know what the numbers were in December 2015 for the stats that are generated via magic numbers in order to create a "frozen-in-time" version? For example, do we know how many Ernie and Bert songs and celebrities we had 5 years ago? - BradFraggle (talk) 15:41, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
I can't check right now, but it might be worth looking at the article's history to find when magic numbers were introduced. β€”Scott latest?cb=20200820192427 (talk) 16:33, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
I built the core of the original version 5 years ago, it's always been powered by magic words, so most of the actual data isn't stored in the edit history. The whole article was somewhat built around having fun with the magic words feature. (see thread) - BradFraggle (talk) 16:47, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
I'd be fine with jettisoning the dates and maybe a note that it's not meant to be an article that's manually updated regularly (that's why it was protected). The number changes have all been to things like seasons, number of sketches, or episodes not generated by magic numbers (here's the archived version), and some of them have been of the "change this number but not the other" kind as noted (plus newer categories added and user stats dropped, but that's not really confusing the way the dates are.)-- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 20:40, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
What if we move the December 2015 section back to the Muppet Wiki by the Numbers page that it was originally? That way we won't have to worry about the dates and we could keep making appropriate changes. - Antsamthompson9 (talk) 23:04, December 11, 2020 (UTC)
Since Shane changed the text for Category:Sesame Street Guest Stars to include Category:Not-Too-Late Show Guests, I changed the Sesame Guest section of the Milestones page to reflect that. But Andrew thinks it shouldn't be there because of the December 2015 heading. As Brad has said, that section was made with the magic numbers feature, so it's always gonna reflect the current number of pages in a category, even though it's no longer 2015. So do you guys think that we should just make that section into the Muppet Wiki by the Numbers page that it originally was? - Antsamthompson9 (talk) 05:04, November 2, 2021 (UTC)
Ant, you seem to be confusing the Milestones page, which honestly should be protected and archived, with category navigation. I understand you like to maintain numbers, but changing text to add categories created later is utterly pointless. Nobody is using that page to find categories, and it honestly shouldn't really be updated at all until we *next* do a main page milestone to be added to it. Right now, I feel we should vote to just lock it and leave it alone. Read my comments above, Ant: "it's not meant to be an article that's manually updated regularly." -- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 05:29, 2 November 2021 (UTC)
In fact, it was unprotected for the last anniversary, by your request, Ant, and the original stated goal was for the anniversary that's passed. No new milestone list or graphic was added then, so I think we basically shouldn't be talking about this or messing with the page again until we near 2025, if then (by then, I think we'd be better off finding a stand alone way to mark the event). -- Andrew Emoji-drool.gifAdminsig.png 05:38, 2 November 2021 (UTC)