Four Little Hop-Toads

Bob, George, the narrator, and Ted

The Four Little Hop-Toads (Ted, George, Bob, and an unnamed narrator) perform the first musical number, "Bang, Boom, Splat and Pow," in "Kermit's Story," the first in Roger Langridge's four-issue run of The Muppet Show Comic Book.

When Ted finds some beans, he presents one to each of the other Little Hop-Toads. Ted explodes immediately upon eating his and is followed by George, Bob, and the narrator, whose demises are set off, respectively, by a nervous laugh, a hiccup, and a mere breath. Once all four have shuffled off their mortal coils, they are seen continuing their song merrily in heaven, dressed as angels. A happy ending is premature, though; when one of the Hop-Toads accidentally falls off the cloud to an undisclosed fate, the other three abruptly quit the number.

The Four Little Hop-Toads, still dressed as angels, are seen playing a hand of cards backstage after their performance of "Bang, Boom, Splat and Pow." The Swedish Chef, having aborted his attempt to turn Robin into Frogs' Legs Goulash, turns his eye toward them instead and chases them across the theatre with a cleaver.