PERFORMER Julianne Buescher Clarice
  Kevin Clash
  Peter Linz
DEBUT 1994

Fowl Play is a chicken country band who appears in episode 3246 of Sesame Street. The band consists of lead guitarist and vocalist Clarice and two back-up vocalists.

The group appears in Big Bird's nest area as a part of series of disruptions to Big Bird, who's tries to sing his favorite song ("Big Bird's Song") to the viewer. For a small crowd of Carlo and the kids, they play their big hit - the "Clucky Clucky Chicken." Big Bird tries to sing again once they wrap, but the crowd wants an encore, so they cut him off with a reprise. Later, Clarice tells Big Bird how much she loves his favorite song and performs her own version, hoping to incorporate it into her traveling show.

Though not named on the show, the chicken group is credited as "Fowl Play" on the 1997 album Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs.

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