FoxTrot is an American comic strip written and illustrated by Bill Amend. The strip centers on the daily lives of the Fox family; Andy, Roger, Paige, Peter, and Jason. As of December 2006, FoxTrot is carried by over 1,000 newspapers worldwide. The strip was published on a daily schedule from its inception in 1988 until December 31, 2006, when Amend switched it to a Sunday-only format.

Bill Amend focused on the cancellation of "Farscape" in an October 8, 2002 strip wherein the character Jason Fox attempts to get a petition signed to get the Sci-Fi Channel renew Farscape. Amend conveyed that soon after the strip ran, it "generated more e-mails from readers than anything else I've done in the past. I had no idea that so many people owned computers, even. I shudder to think what the mail boxes at the Sci-Fi Channel must be like these days."[1]

Several strips have shown a poster hanging in Paige's room of a band named "Henson" comprised of three long-haired Muppet-looking boys (a parody of the band Hanson and the creations of Jim Henson).

The November 22, 2009, strip had Jason suggesting that NBC improve its ratings for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade by reporting that a child may be trapped inside a wayward Kermit the Frog balloon, parodying recent media attention regarding Falcon Heene, whose parents claimed that he had been trapped inside a large balloon vehicle.


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