Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Larry Daste
Published 1998
Publisher Golden Press
Series Little Golden Books
ISBN 030798849X

Fozzie's Fabulous Easter Parade is a 1998 Little Golden Book that tells the story of how the Muppets spend a spectacularly dull afternoon.

It's time for the annual Most Beautiful Easter Egg Contest, and Fozzie Bear's special egg -- the polka-dotted one that he found near the farm -- is gone. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf and Gonzo are all decorating their entries, but Fozzie can't find his egg anywhere. Gonzo suggests that the egg could have been kidnapped by aliens, or it could have taken a bus to Miami Beach. Uncharacteristically, Fozzie says that this no time for jokes.

Gonzo suggests that Fozzie check with Camilla, an egg expert. They walk to Camilla's house -- an improbable gazebo-shaped structure with a mailbox and curtains on the windows, and no furniture except for a nest in the middle of the floor. It turns out that Camilla has stolen the egg, and added it to the stash of improbably colored eggs in her nest. All of the eggs hatch and five baby chicks emerge, each improbably dressed in a vest that matches their egg patterns.

The Muppets gather in an empty field for their Most Beautiful Easter Egg Contest, which is judged by no one in particular. Fozzie announces that the name of the contest has changed to the Most Beautiful Easter Egg or Easter Chick Contest, and then takes it upon himself to award Camilla the prize.

Then it's time for three or four egg jokes, and that about wraps it up for that book.

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