Written by Richard Chevat
Illustrator Joel Schick
Published 1993
Publisher Grolier
Series Values to Grow On
ISBN 0717282996

Fozzie's Last Lap is a 1993 Muppet Kids storybook featuring Fozzie Bear.

Fozzie enjoys floating on his back in the swimming pool, daydreaming. His peaceful relaxation is shattered when two inconsiderate swim team jocks splash him as they go through their daily routine of swimming back and forth. Fozzie is vaguely inspired, and tries out for the team himself.

Halfway through the swim team tryouts, Fozzie is aching all over, and gasping for breath. Having wasted a perfectly nice floating day, he goes home and falls asleep. That night, he dreams about being a champion swimmer, and winning a giant, golden trophy.

Fozzie practices every day, pushing his body to its limits. He blows off his friends and their innocent, childish Saturday bike ride, dashing to the pool for more practice. He practices his technique while lying on his bed. He daydreams about swimming in his bowl of alphabet soup. Swim practice becomes an obsession. He can't stop. His lust for that golden trophy is all-consuming.

Nothing will get in the way of Fozzie's need for that trophy. Not friendship, not bedtime, not even soup. Nothing. Fozzie is no longer a child. Fozzie is a champion.

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