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Fozzie's Muppet Scrapbook was released by Playhouse Video in 1985, as part of a series of compilations featuring songs and sketches from The Muppet Show.

In this one hour special, Fozzie Bear presents a collection of his best comedy routines, and other favorite skits and songs from the show.

Muppet Show guest stars include Raquel Welch, Beverly Sills, and Milton Berle.

While many of the other videos use the fifth season closing theme, this video ends with the version from seasons three and four.

Picture Segment Description
FRAME Kermit finds Fozzie in the attic, dusting off a scrapbook of his "comedy triumphs," such as one of his best monologues...
Sketch One of Fozzie's Comedy Acts: What Do You Get When You Cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?
(Episode 420: Alan Arkin)
FRAME Fozzie cracks up over the joke. Kermit is less amused and invites Fozzie to come downstairs and paint scenery with him. Fozzie declines and wants to reminisce some more. Kermit recommends he reminisce but something other than his monologues, reminding Fozzie of some double-acts he's done with Kermit.
Sketch One of Fozzie's Comedy Acts: Good Grief! The Comedian's a Bear!
(Episode 110: Harvey Korman)
FRAME Scooter enters the attic and thinks the funny routine Fozzie just saw was "The Telephone Pole" sketch. Fozzie cites that as one of the oldest, corniest things he's ever done and has since moved beyond that, claiming to be too hip.
Backstage Floyd Pepper gives Fozzie Bear some shades
(Episode 201: Don Knotts)
FRAME Scooter isn't sure what Fozzie means by "hip." Fozzie, now in shades, claims he's earned a reputation of being a "cool, bad dude" by working with the biggest stars on Earth, listing Raquel Welch as an example. Scooter refreshes his memory that he was instead a nervous wreck with her.
Song "Confide in Me" with Raquel Welch
(Episode 311: Raquel Welch)
Sketch Bear on Patrol: Car Prisoner
(Episode 510: Jean-Pierre Rampal)
FRAME Scooter walks out as Fozzie rediscovers his ventriloquism act, telling him to call him back if and when he decides to show the telephone pole bit.
Sketch One of Fozzie's Comedy Acts: Fozzie and Chuckie Time
(Episode 207: Edgar Bergen)
FRAME Fozzie boasts how not only is he a great comic, he's a great singer too.
Song "Oklahoma!"
(Episode 317: Spike Milligan)
FRAME Fozzie describes the piece as "quasi-comedy," and finds a photo of his attempt at rollerskating. Fozzie provides commentary after each scene.
Episode fragments Fozzie's Rollerskate Act:
  • Fozzie practices for his act
  • Fozzie gets slightly better
  • Fozzie performs his rollerskating monologue

(Episode 215: Lou Rawls)

FRAME Kermit invites Fozzie to come paint again and tickles his nose with a paintbrush. Fozzie wants to keep looking at memories and finds a photo from the limbo contest. Kermit points out Fozzie wasn't a part of that number, but Fozzie counters that he was very helpful afterwards.
216 limbo.jpg

Episode fragments
  • A tropical limbo number where various Muppets try to outdo each other...until Kermit tops them all (and pays the consequences backstage).
  • Fozzie unscrunches Kermit

(Episode 216: Cleo Laine)

FRAME Kermit finds a particular memory - the night Fozzie got locked in a magician's box, which is something Fozzie would like to forget.
Episode fragments
  • Fozzie gets locked in a trunk
  • Fozzie learns that his act might get canceled
  • Fozzie's "poca without hantas" joke
  • Kermit decides to let Fozzie go on after all
  • Fozzie performs his monologue from inside the trunk

(Episode 117: Ben Vereen)

FRAME Scooter still wants to see the telephone pole sketch, but Fozzie wants to focus on his triumphs instead. Scooter reminds him of the time he misintroduced Beverly Sills, ultimately not his proudest moment.
Episode fragments

(Episode 409: Beverly Sills)

FRAME They consider Beverly to be a great sport. Scooter considers Fozzie one too, only if he plays the telephone pole sketch. Fozzie refuses and tells Scooter to get his head examined, reminding him of one of his best acts.
216 phrenology.jpg
Sketch Fozzie's Phrenology Act
(Episode 216: Cleo Laine)
FRAME Miss Piggy makes sure Fozzie isn't playing his "crummy phrenology act" and orders him to come downstairs to paint. Fozzie finds a memory of when his mother came to see him perform.
Episode fragments

(Episode 216: Cleo Laine)

Simon Smith & His Dancing Bear.JPG
Song "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear"
(Episode 101: Juliet Prowse)
FRAME Beaker surprises Fozzie wearing a top hat, which he remembers using on the show. After the first clip, Beaker and Fozzie segue to the next.
Episode fragments

(Episode 421: Doug Henning)

FRAME Fozzie plays with a marionette, which reminds Beaker that he did the same act on the show. Fozzie describes it as a "moving experience."
Sketch Fozzie's Puppet Act
(Episode 508: Seรฑor Wences)
Song "Knees Up Mother Brown"
(Episode 410: Kenny Rogers)
FRAME Fozzie now shows Beaker his box of comedy props. He wishes he had taken them into the woods when he his did his act there.
Sketch Fozzie tells jokes in the woods
(Episode 503: Joan Baez)
FRAME Beaker found those jokes lousy. When Fozzie asks what routine he'd prefer, Beaker points to the telephone pole bit. Scooter rushes in, excited that someone agrees. Fozzie relents and lets them see the routine.
Episode fragments The Telephone Pole Bit:
  • Scooter talks Fozzie into doing "The Telephone Pole Bit" with him
  • Fozzie gets a wire from a lineman
  • Fozzie gets pecked by a woodpecker
  • Fozzie finds out what the telephone pole bit is
  • Fozzie and Scooter perform "The Telephone Pole Bit"

(Episode 108: Paul Williams)

FRAME Kermit returns and recalls his favorite Fozzie Bear moment - performing with Milton Berle. The others all agree.
Episode fragments

(Episode 203: Milton Berle)

FRAME Kermit leads everyone downstairs for scenery painting. Fozzie stays behind to play with his props as the credits roll, until Kermit calls him down again.