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The evolution of Fozzie Bear.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
The Muppet Show
first two episodes
In the first two episodes, Fozzie is thinner, has a deeper voice, has a mechanism that allows his cheeks to move slightly up and down, and his pupils are smaller. These two episodes were later reworked, and in the broadcast versions, only two sketches with this particular puppet are shown; Cowboy Time (101) and "Close to You" (102). Another version of this puppet without eyebrows was seen the original pilot intro for episode 101.
The Muppet Show
Season 1
This version of the puppet has a mechanism that allows his ears to wiggle.
Jimandfozkermfanphotosmall copy.jpg
Early publicity for The Muppet Show
Fozzie's lower jaw has more stuffing, giving the puppet a slightly larger and flatter looking jaw than in his previous appearance.
Fozzie MiltonBerle.jpg
The Muppet Show
Season 2
Fozzie has lighter brown hue to his fur. His eyes have been moved to be almost next to each other. For the first seven episodes of the second season, a Fozzie puppet that very much resembled the later Fozzie has a mechanism allowing its eyebrows to raise. Unfortunately, this effect is barely noticeable, especially when Fozzie is wearing his hat. Thus, another change was prompted to remove the cumbersome and unnecessary mechanism from inside Fozzie's head.
Fozzie CleoLane.jpg
The Muppet Show
Season 2
For the rest of the second season and most of the third season, starting with episode 207, another Fozzie puppet is used, without the eyebrow mechanism. His hat rests at a different angle on his head, exposing his eyebrows more, and allowing his ears to wiggle with his hat on. His eyes also appear a bit smaller and are placed a little farther apart.
Fozzie BeverlySills.jpg

Kermit Fozzie TonightShow.jpg
The Muppet Show
Season 3
Debuting in Episode 314, this is how Fozzie appears in The Muppet Show for the rest of the third season and through the end of the series, as well as special appearances during the time like The Tonight Show. Fozzie is a little more orange than previously, his mouth is slightly reshaped and his head is a little rounder.
The Muppet Movie
This is arguably the version of Fozzie most familiar to the viewing audience. His fur is a little more brown than orange, and his eyebrows are smaller. This Fozzie appears only in movies and specials from the time, such as The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and Rocky Mountain Holiday.
Rowlf's Rhapsodies with the Muppets
Fozzie's fur is a little more brown than the previous version and his head is a tad more cone shaped. This version is used in The Muppets Take Manhattan, the Playhouse Videos and A Muppet Family Christmas.
The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson
This Fozzie's fur is a shade more orange and his features are more rounded than the previous version. The mouth also appears to be shaped slightly different and his eyes are placed very slightly more apart. This version is used in The Jim Henson Hour, Muppet*Vision 3D, Here Come the Muppets, and The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson.
Muppet Treasure Island
This is the wig-wearing Fozzie. During this time, the Muppets produced several storybook adaptations, and in each one -- The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Classic Theater, and Muppet Treasure Island -- Fozzie played character roles sporting a big, puffy wig. His features also seem to be somewhat flatter than the previous version.
Muppets from Space
The head on this Fozzie (seen in Muppets Tonight and Muppets from Space), is distinctly more pear-shaped than the previous version; that is, the jaw is significantly larger than the top of the head. A "poser" version of this puppet (that is, a photo puppet), inexplicably wears a blue bandana - though Fozzie has never worn this in any production.
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
The puppet, with a more spherical head, is similar to the 1984 version, but with slightly shorter fur (especially on the face). Additionally, Fozzie's eyebrows and eye focus have been slightly adjusted.
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz
Fozzie has a taller, more cone-shaped head than the previous version.
The Muppets
Fozzie's head is more pear-shaped again and his fur is the furriest it's ever been, which is especially noticeable on his ears. His eyes are farther apart from each other, he now has furry, light greyish-brown eyebrows, and a slightly smaller nose.
Promotional photos
As seen in newer photos on Disney's Muppets website, Fozzie's head is rounded and more curved, similar to how he looked in the 1980s.