PERFORMER Fozzie Bear character
  Frank Oz puppeteer
DEBUT 1992

Old Fozziwig

Fozziwig is a figure from Ebenezer Scrooge's past in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Fozziwig (a variation on Fezziwig from A Christmas Carol) runs the Fozziwig Rubber Chicken Factory and was Scrooge's first employer. With his mother, Fozziwig also presides over the annual Christmas party. It's at one such party that young bookkeeper Ebenezer is introduced to Belle, a friend of the family.

An elderly Fozziwig, with a beard and an ear horn, is seen again when Scrooge returns to the present, residing in a sort of Victorian-era nursing home alongside Scrooge's headmaster.

A mini-figure of Fozziwig was included in Palisades Toys' Mini Muppets line of Muppet Christmas Carol characters.