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Fraggle Rock
A Fraggle Rock co-production
Country France
First aired November 1983
Last aired
Network FR3

Original title, as used on Season 1 episodes of the co-production

French chef Doc and his dog, "Croquette" in their workshop

The French co-production of Fraggle Rock debuted on FR3 in November, 1983. The segments within the Muppet world of Fraggle Rock were the same as the American version - but dubbed with French voice actors. However, the segments from outer space (i.e. the Doc and Sprocket segments and the postcards from Traveling Matt) were changed to suit the French audience.

The wraparound segments take place in a former bakery, the new home of Doc, re-conceptualized as a chef played by Michel Robin, and his dog Croquette (not only a potato dish, but also Sprocket's French alter ego). Richard Hunt helped to audition and train local puppeteers for the French co-production.

Doc inherited the home from his eccentric Uncle Georges, who was a noted inventor. Thus, when the frame story required the use of a mechanical device, Doc would merely find yet another of George's machines. Plotlines also frequently involved the elegant but unseen Madame Pontaven, who Doc continually attempted to impress and invite to dinner, but always without success.

The episode order was different from the North American version. Unlike the North American and UK productions, the French series ended before co-producing all 96 episodes. Only the first three seasons were adapted, following the original production order (including "Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water" and "Sidebottom Blues" which were originally broadcast in the USA as part of the fourth season). Beginning in December 2006, the French channel Gulli began airing the entire series in re-runs.

In 2002, LCJ Editions began issuing the series on DVD, first in individual volumes and then in a boxed set. Rather than a season set, the boxed release included 26 episodes, from the first three French seasons. Bonus features included profiles of the French voice actors, character biographies, and a gallery of international merchandise for Fraggle Rock.

The French opening was later included in the Fraggle Rock Season Two DVD Interviews segment titled "Docs And Sprockets".

Between 2015 to 2016, four DVDs were released by Kaboom! Entertainment in Canada, featuring various episodes from this series, rather than utilizing the no longer available French Canadian dub for Quebec. The Canadian DVDs not only included the English versions alongside the French episodes (with differing audio and video), but also included previously-unreleased episodes from the French version, alongside episodes previously available on DVD in France.

In 2021, a French dub of the original North American version was released on Apple TV+. A French Canadian redub has also been released on Apple TV+.



Episode Guide

Picture French title Based on Summary


Il était une fois
(Once upon a time)
Episode 101: Beginnings

Doc and Croquette move into their new home, which unlike Doc's Workshop, is filled with musty paintings and other bric-a-brac. Uncle Traveling Matt's first venture into Outer Space, in this case France, is similar to the North American version, but involves a French hydrant and two tennis players clad in shorts instead of children. Additionally, as would become standard in this version, Croquette is seen reading in his bed; the dog portrayed as more of a bookworm and intellectual than Sprocket, occasionally donning reading glasses.


Wembley et les Gorgs Episode 102: Wembley and the Gorgs In a plot similar to the North American version, Doc wins an award from the society of Nouvelle Cuisine, for his pommes frittes melba. Croquette reacts badly to the prospective absence, but after some affectionate bonding, reluctantly gives his blessing with a wave of his paw. As in the original, however, Doc returns early. The postcard is identical to the North American version.

Rendez-nous l'eau!
(Return the water to us)
Episode 103: Let the Water Run Doc discovers an elaborate mechanical coffee maker which belonged to his Uncle Georges. The device can produce tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Doc attempts to set the machine up, occasionally distracted by the tapping on his pipes, and hooking it up to the water supply as a source. Croquette assists by baking a pastry, to accompany their coffee, but gets impatient and eats the entire thing. When Doc and Croqette finally prepare to enjoy their hot beverages, the machine confounds them by churning out chunks of ice. The postcard is identical to the North American version.

C'est pas la peine sans ta casquette (It is not sorrowful without your cap) Episode 104: You Can't Do That Without a Hat Croquette is carefully cataloging his stamp collection, with the air of an expert philatelist. His endeavors are interrupted by Doc; in a plotline similar to the North American version, he desperately seeks a special whisk, to prepare Uncle Georges' famous cocktail (in the original, the sought item was a stave shaver). The bridging Gobo footage likewise replaces the prop.

Meanwhile, in Outer Space, Uncle Matt strolls in what appears to be the vicinity of Notre Dame, with bells ringing behind them. Encountering a street artist, Matt is presented with his portrait, but is less impressed since he can find a better likeness of himself in a reflective store window.

MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching it2.jpg


Le sermon de Johnny Persuasion Episode 106: The Preachification of Convincing John" While the Fraggles are preoccupied with Johnny Persuasion (Convincing John), Doc and Croquette deal with the French social sphere. Doc is preparing for an enchanting evening at a society ball, hosted by Madame Pontaven. He has trouble getting Croquette to take a bath for the occasion, until he points out that Madame has an attractive dog. Further preparations include a soufflé to take to the event, and Croquette blow-drying his fur. While they attend in tuxedos and top hat, to their dismay, Madame herself shows up in blue jeans and a cap. The postcard is identical to the North American version.

Je veux être toi Episode 107: I Want to Be You Doc is wrapped up in rehearsing for his upcoming stage performance as a swashbuckling Cyrano de Bergerac. His constant rehearsal bores Croquette. Frustrated, Doc asks Croquette who he'd like to see him play, offering Tarzan as an option. Croquette naturally wants to see him portray a dog. The postcard is identical to the North American version.

L'horrible tunnel Episode 108: The Terrible Tunnel Doc remains amorous towards Madame Pontaven, preparing house decorations for their dinner that evening. He also displays a superstitious side, unnerved when Croquette wanders under his ladder, and seeking reassurance of romantic success from his horoscope and from tarot cards. Ultimately, all the labor is for nought, as Madame cancels, having lost her appetite.


Le trésor des Fraggles a disparu Episode 109: The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles Doc's latest find, from Uncle Georges' seemingly endless inventory, is a metal detector. He hopes to use it to find his uncle's hidden wealth, no doubt buried beneath the house. Tearing up the floorboards, Doc and his dog dig, and find a chest. While most of the contents are negligible, Doc proudly bestows a rare stamp upon Croquette, to add to his collection.

Uncle Matt's postcard details his visit to a carnival-style ball toss establishment; successfully knocking over the cans, he wins a small metal statuette. Braced by his good fortune, he heads to an outdoor cafe, where a set of cans are displayed on the counter. Presented with a bit of food, Matt naturally assumes it's another missile, and again hits the mark. The proprietor, incensed, gestures for Matt to leave, but the latter assumes he's won an even larger park sculpture.


Prends la queue par le tigre Episode 111: Catch the Tail by the Tiger In a storyline similar to the North American version, Croquette is afraid of lightning, and ends up wearing a lightning rod device. In the original version, Doc invented it to help Sprocket conquer his fears; here, it's yet another gadget invented by Uncle Georges, and its purpose is to generate electricity. Worried by news of an energy crisis, Doc saddles Croquette with the device, to act as a moving target and thus collect and utilize natural energy. Croquette's fears are only exacerbated by this. While Doc monitors the energy on a panel,

Croquette removes the lightning hat and sneaks back in. When the lightning rod is struck by lightning, Doc is shaken, and realizes that his dog is more important than an energy rate hike.

Uncle Matt's postcard, like its North American counterpart, deals with automobiles. Instead of documenting their language, however, Matt rides atop one, noticing the French signs and motorists' reactions to lights and each other.




Le doigt de lumière Episode 112: The Finger of Light Doc has invited Madame Pontaven for dinner yet again. He insists on brushing up on his etiquette for the occasion, studying a book of manners which recommends eating a banana daintily with a fork. Croquette simply gulps his down. Yet again, all the preparations are for naught. With an array of appetizers waiting, including pate des fois gras, and Doc dressed in his finest, Madame cancels, again. A frustrated Doc unwinds by putting his feet on the table and eating cheese and meat cuts with his hands, while Croquette carefully uses the knife and fork.

Uncle Matt's postcard comes from the Eiffel Tower. Strolling around, he notices many mothers and nurses, wheeling infants in carriages. Suddenly, Matt is abducted by a young girl and dropped into her own carriage, clad in a bonnet, and briefly forced to endure a pacifier.


On t'aime Wembley
(You are loved, Wembley)
Episode 113: We Love You, Wembley In his latest attempt to impress Madame Pontaven, Doc researches her lineage in a book of peerage, hoping to recreate her family crest. He uses Croquette in the endeavor, while ignoring his dog's own needs, by having him steady ladders, fetch tools, and even pose with a cumbersome horn, so Doc can paint the unicorn on the crest. A phone call from a man asking to use Croquette for commercial purposes reminds Doc of how important his canine friend is to him.

In a postcard similar to the North American version, Uncle Matt discovers ice cream. Instead of using it as his personal moss pack, however, he generously plants a scoop on the head of the nearest man. The postcard ends with Matt fleeing from an angry crowd.



Le défi Episode 114: The Challenge Doc buys a new video game system, as seen on TV. He hooks the device up to a television set. Both Doc and Croquette are entranced by the game, but are reluctant to take turns with the sole controller. After Croquette sets a record, the system short-circuits. Doc repairs it, and adds a second controller, so the pair can play together.

Uncle Matt travels to a tourist spot, a mountain where a stone lion sits. Matt assumes the lion is alive, and climbs up and waves, hoping to make friends. Tourists spot him through their pay telescopes.



Je m'en fiche Episode 115: I Don't Care The latest treasure from Uncle Georges is a device which is supposed to detect deliveries and release an alarm when it does so. Doc wants to use it to get the mail, which makes Croquette jealous. The machine only succeeds in attracting such items as balls, shoes, and a broom, and Croquette has to bark when the postman does arrive. While the North American version never used additional actors in the Doc scenes (outside of Ned's hand), the postman appears on-camera, briefly but fully visible. Uncle Matt observes a group of men patiently fishing for shoes.

Décrocher la lune Episode 116: Capture the Moon Doc waxes poetic about the romantic aspects of the moon. He then frightens Croquette with a story about a werewolf. Croquette is then unable to sleep, for fear of various monsters. The dog finally falls asleep, and Doc beds down beside him.In his postcard, Uncle Matt describes his own moon observations. At a boardwalk shooting gallery, Matt sees a youth firing a gun at the target, a small ball floating on a crest of water. He assumes this is a Doozer moon.
Les Ménestrels Episode 118: The Minstrels The postcard is identical to the North American version.

Opération potager Episode 120: The Garden Plot Doc and Croquette try their hand at painting. Meanwhile, Matt visits a vineyard.


  • Directors: Philippe Ronce, Fred Van Besien, Patrick Villechaize
  • Writers: Xavier Fauche, Alain Jacquet, Jean Leturgie, Patrick Chabaud
  • Music Adaptation: Elisabeth Gruninger

Apple+ TV dub

Apple+ TV had the series dubbed, releasing all four seasons in 2021.


Additional Voices
Patrick Bonnell, Guillaume Bouchede, Samuel Brafman-Moutier, Antoine David-Calvet, Xavier Fagnon, Nathalie Kanoui, Julie Mouchel, Laurence Oltuski, Maxime Pambet, Jérôme Pauwels
Dubbing credits
Studio: Dubbing Brothers
Script adaptation: Patrick Taieb, Anthony Dalmolin
Music adaptation: Patrick Taieb, Claude Lombard
Dubbing direction: Anneliese Fromont
Music direction: Magali Bonfils