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Fraggle Rock Classics is a reprint by Archaia Studios Press of Marie Severin's Fraggle Rock comic book series originally published by Marvel Comics in 1985 and 1986.

Volume 1

Volume 1 was published in 2012, and included stories from the first four Marvel issues: "The Magic Time Machine", "The Trouble with Being Number One", "The Monster That Could Be Anything" and "The Doozer Who Wanted to Be a Fraggle".

The volume was published digitally in 2013, split-up into four individual downloadable comics:

Volume 2

Volume 2 was originally planned to be published on October 16, 2012, however the release was later moved to December 3, 2013.[1] The book includes stories from the next four Marvel issues: "The Mean Genie", "Exploring the Unknown", "The Great Radish Caper" and "The Greatest Race There Ever Was".


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