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In April 2002, Warrick Brownlow-Pike, a Fraggle Rock fan, launched an online petition, lobbying to have the Fraggle Rock series released on DVD. After garnering more than 37,800 e-signatures, HIT Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company decided to release the show on the digital format. HIT representative Lauren McCabe said, "This is the direct result of fan support."

β€œ...Beginning in January 2005, legions of Fraggle Rock enthusiasts proved that they were, indeed, Down with Fraggle Rock! After an online petition was signed by thousands of fans to get Fraggle Rock back into their homes, HIT Entertainment responded with the release of Where It All Began and Dance Your Cares Away – the first-ever Fraggle Rock DVD releases – followed by Live by the Rule of the Rock. Now, Fraggle Rock fans will finally get what they have been petitioning for, as the entire first season is released in one five-disc collection...”
β€”Fraggle Rock: Complete First Season Press Release


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