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In 2022, toy company Boss Fight Studio announced they would be producing a line of Fraggle Rock action figures.

As part of the announcement,[1] Boss Fight showed off a final image of a preview figure and concept art for Wave 1. The figures will be highly detailed, include multiple points of articulation, alternate heads, and pack-in accessories.

Art director Andrew Franks stated that the line is intended to run for multiple waves; "The plan here is to go very deep in the world of the Fraggles and give everybody all their favorite characters."[2]


The first figure, Flange Doozer, was released in 2023 as a preview figure ahead of the first wave. Pre-orders for the figure opened in September 2022,[3] and it was released in September 2023.

Wave 1[]

The first wave consists of Gobo Fraggle, Red Fraggle, Uncle Traveling Matt, and a two-pack with Architect Doozer and Cotterpin Doozer. They were originally scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2024, but were delayed until late June.

Wave 2[]

This section is about an upcoming project, product, or production.

Wave 2 was announced in March 2023,[4] and pre-orders opened in October 2023.[5] They were set to be released in Q2 2024[6] before Wave 1 was delayed.

In response to the reveal of Mokey's redesign from Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Boss Fight stated in a tweet, "we are absolutely planning for classic series Mokey in a future wave."[7]

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