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Title logo, as used in newer airings

Fragglene is the Norwegian dub of Fraggle Rock. Just like the Swedish and the Danish versions, only season 1 was dubbed and the other seasons have never been shown on Norwegian TV. The show aired for the first time in 1984 and has been occasionally re-run since then.

Translations and Voices

English Name Norwegian Name Norwegian Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Øystein Wiik
Wembley Vembi Magnus Nielsen
The World's Oldest Fraggle Verdens Eldste Fraggel
Flange (speaking) Flens
Boober Bober Anders Hatlo
Gunge Rall
Cantus the Minstrel Trubaduren Cantus
Convincing John SkrΓ₯sikre John
Red Vips Unni Bernhoft
Ma Gorg Mamma Gorg
Wingnut Vingemutter
Mokey Moki Katja MedbΓΈe
Uncle Traveling Matt Onkel Reisende Mac Rolf Sand
Pa Gorg Pappa Gorg
Doc Oppfinneren Per-Lillo Stenberg
Marjory the Trash Heap Skraphaugen Matilda OddbjΓΈrn Tennfjord
Junior Gorg Junior Gorg Harald Mæle
Philo Rill
Flange (singing) Flens
Marlon Marlon

Additional credits

  • Translation - Harald MΓ¦le

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