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Fragglit is the Finnish dub of Fraggle Rock. The show premiered on MTV3 September 3, 1984.

Translations and Voices

English Name Finnish Name Finnish Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Keijo Romppainen
Wembley Vempi Harri Hyttinen
Boober Buuber Pauli Virta
Red Red Anna-Maija Kokkinen
Mokey Moki Eeva Eloranta
Uncle Traveling Matt Matkaaja-Matt Aaro Jaronen
Doc Tohtori Jarmo Harjula
Junior Gorg Juniori Gorgi Aaro Jaronen
Pa Gorg Pappa Gorg Ari Määttänen
Ma Gorg Mamma Gorgi Anna-Maija Kokkinen
Marjory the Trash Heap Ari Määttänen
Philo Filo Aaro Jaronen
Gunge Falo Keijo Romppainen


  • The openings and closings do not have a logo or the credits shown at all, and the episode titles are only shown at the beginning of the opening during the pan from Doc's workshop towards the Fraggle hole.

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