PERFORMER Jennifer Barnhart
DEBUT 2017

Francine Lloyd Wright, called Frankie by family and friends, is a worm who first appears in episode 4719 of Sesame Street. Her name is a reference to notable architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

She is typically found in the dirt and isn't familiar with the surface world. As she emerges in Abby's fairy garden, she is amazed at all the sights she sees. She learns the term for her place of residence - a home - and is taken with the homes around the street, especially a nearby green one (Hooper's Store). When she learns it's not actually a house, she sets out find a home that suits her. Inspired by a book of Abby's, she constructs several types of houses, but none of which feel like home. When her family (her mom, dad, brother and Aunt Sticky) comes looking for her, she discovers that it's a family that makes a house feel like home. She rejoins the family as they submerge back into the mud and Abby gives the homes Frankie had built to her regular, garden insects.

She later appeared in Episode 4813 operating "Frankie's Book Nook" in the arbor, in Episode 4911 as a Sesame Street Library staff member, and in Episode 4923 celebrating Earth Day.

Two different puppets are used for Frankie: a small, rod puppet (like Slimey) for wide shots, while close-ups use a hand puppet.

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