PERFORMER Eric Jacobson
DEBUT 1998

Frankie is a cameraman for "The Alphabet Roadshow" as seen in Sesame Street Episode 4125. He shoots on location, with Fran and David Letterguy, ready at a moment's notice with his camera, for people who can recite the alphabet in an unusual way. He also appears as a stagehand in the 2007 resource video The Get Healthy Now Show and in Episode 4203 selling Squirmadega T-shirts.

An early version of Frankie made a brief appearance at the beginning of a sketch in which Count von Count directs Liam Neeson in counting up to 20. (He threatens to quit after one take.)

Similarly, one "F. Biondo" is credited as the camera man for a shoot with Kermit the Frog directing Oklahoma.

He is a caricature of Sesame Street cameraman Frank Biondo.