in "The Meeting That Would Not Die"
DEBUT 1985

Franklin is a recurring Whatnot in the Muppet Meeting Films, appearing in different positions and with different performers. In the 1985 meeting film "Benefits," he appeared as an elderly seminar attendee, performed by Kevin Clash.

Clash portrayed the character again in episode 103 of The Jim Henson Hour, as a soap opera husband telling his wife that he had called Mrs. Goldfarb about her operation until the monsters from the telethon arrive demanding money from them.

Returning to the meeting films, the character surfaced in "Now Hear This" as the maintenance head (where he received his name, "Franklin"), performed by Joey Mazzarino.

In "The Meeting That Would Not Die", Franklin had evidently been promoted, filling the role of droning boss whose prattle cannot be silenced (played by Dave Goelz).

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