Fred the Dragon
DEBUT 1966
DESIGN Jim Henson designer
  Don Sahlin builder

Fred is a large, green, dragon-like monster. He debuted as a nameless father monster of a purple, horned son in the sketch "Monster Family" on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The character subsequently appeared on Sesame Street, where he is greeted by name in a season one sketch by the character who would become Grover (here, Fred was performed by Jim Henson with a slowed down voice.)

In some Sesame Street appearances, his teeth were not visible. In one skit, in which Ernie goes rock hunting, he also had a large rock-like dome instead of horns (Fred was performed by Frank Oz here.)

Fred also appeared in the background in The Great Santa Claus Switch.

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  • (YouTube) -- Fred in the "In the Box" sketch
  • (YouTube) -- Fred in a "rock hunting" sketch

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