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DEBUT 2017

Freddy is an orange monster and father of Rudy, introduced in Episode 4731 of Sesame Street. He is married to Abby Cadabby's previously-divorced mother, making him Abby's stepfather. She often refers to him as "Daddy Freddy," or simply "Daddy."[1]

Freddy is also the pianist for Mama Bear and the Monsters, who were prominently featured as the house band of The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo in its first season.

He is made from the same AM monster puppet used for Enormous Athlete, only with a slightly smaller nose and turquoise eyelids.


David Rudman performed the character in various episodes and outreach videos from his debut through 2019. Tyler Bunch puppeteered Freddy in his premiere episode, with Rudman later dubbing over his voice.[2]

During this time, Martin P. Robinson substituted as Freddy for the closing scene of Episode 4809. He has since gone on to perform Freddy in various other appearances, including the street stories for Episode 5132 and 5209, and episode 102 of The Not-Too-Late Show.

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