PERFORMER Lin-Manuel Miranda
DEBUT 2009

Freddy Flapman is a real estate agent for birds, working for the Flychert Real Estate company (a play on the Wiechert company). He appears in the 40th season premiere episode of Sesame Street, where he tries to persuade Big Bird to join a new habitat. He explains that other birds live at the beach, in the swamp, and in the rain forest, and invites Big Bird to join them. Big Bird becomes tempted to move to the rain forest, but ultimately decides to stay on Sesame Street with his friends.

Throughout the episode, Big Bird mispronounces Flapman's name, calling him "Mr. Floopman" and "Mr. Fleapman"; akin to how he often called Mr. Hooper "Mr. Looper." At the end of the episode, when Flapman's offer is declined, he declares that the Bird can call him "Mr. Flopman."

Flapman's role in the episode is similar to that of Miss Finch in Follow That Bird, who also tried to convince Big Bird to live with other birds.

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