Ernie: Oh, Fresh Air! I love that show!

Fresh Air is a radio talk show that began in 1975, and has been broadcast by National Public Radio since 1985. Terry Gross has been the primary host for most of the program's run.


  • November 6, 2009 — Archive interviews with Jeff Moss, Christopher Cerf, and Frank Oz are featured in honor of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary. Dave Davies, filling in for Gross, introduces each interview. These presentations of the interviews have been published online.


  • In a 2019 web video, in which the Sesame Street Muppets intern at NPR, Ernie and Bert are audio mixers and have an Abbott and Costello-esque misunderstanding about the next program: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!. Bert gets up to leave, announcing that he needs some fresh air. Ernie replies "Oh, Fresh Air! I love that show!"
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