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Mrs. Appleby and the Frog Scouts troop.

Robin as a Frog Scout in the 1981 storybook The Muppets Go Camping.

Muppet Time promotional photo.

The Frog Scouts' pledge, lead by Mr. Manny.

The Frog Scouts are a troop of young frogs who perform on The Muppet Show as The Precision Drill Team from the Okefenokee Pack 12 of the Frog Scouts of America. Robin the Frog is a member, Mrs. Appleby is their pack leader, and Ms. Ribit is their camp counselor.

The Scouts have been seen in a number of different forms over the years.

  • The Frog Scouts troop made their first appearance on The Muppet Show in 1980, in The Muppet Show episode 509, where they earned their punk merit badges with a little help from guest star Debbie Harry.
  • Robin appeared in his Frog Scout uniform on the cover of the 1983 coloring book Muppet Hobbies.
  • The Scouts appeared in audio-animatronic form in a live attraction, The Muppet Traffic Safety Show, which toured malls and auto shows in the late 80s.
  • The 1991 anthology book Off to Storyland features the story "Robin and the Most Beautiful Bug" with Ms. Ribit as the Frog Scout camp counselor.
  • Robin and the Scouts appeared with Scout Leader Kermit in the 1993 book Off to the Woods!
  • The Frog Scouts were featured in recurring sketches as part of the Muppet Time inserts on Nickelodeon in 1994.