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I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog

Muppet Show frogs, including Kermit and Robin.


Frogs in The Frog Prince

Muppet frogs

"The Frogs in the Glen"

Frogs are amphibians featured in many Muppet productions.

The best known Muppet frog is, of course, Kermit. Originally designed as an abstract lizard-like creature in 1955, he was referred to as a frog on several occasions during the late 1960s (including The Muppets on Puppets). In following productions (Hey Cinderella!, Sesame Street), he was given webbed feet and a collar, and referred to as "Kermit the Frog."

Muppet Frogs[]

In 1971, a group of frogs similar to Kermit -- yet without collars and stripes for pupils -- was built for the TV special The Frog Prince. The leading character, a tiny frog named Robin who used to be a prince, would return on The Muppet Show as Kermit's nephew and became one of the main characters. The other green-and-blue frogs would pop up in various different Muppet productions; they functioned as a frog chorus/orchestra in The Muppets Valentine Show (1974) and formed singing groups and a troupe of Frog Scouts on The Muppet Show.

A group of frogs was also seen in the 1990 special The Muppets at Walt Disney World, as Kermit's relatives in Paradise Swamp. Their latest appearances included Billy Bunny's Animal Songs (1993) and Kermit's Swamp Years (2002). In the latter, they appear as Kermit's brothers and sisters, and a separate clan of frogs are seen later in the pet store. One blue frog can be spotted in The Muppets.

One frog seen in The Frog Prince had an eye mechanism which allowed his eyes to bulge.

Sesame Street[]

During the first years of Sesame Street, frogs were portrayed by green or pink Anything Muppets with bulgy eyes; during later seasons, more defined frog puppets were used, with a more accurate physique. By the 1980s, some previous frog puppets used in The Muppet Show and other productions crossed over and were used on Sesame as well.

One four-limbed frog was used as the titular "Caribbean Amphibian" (Kevin Clash). The puppet was also featured in the chorus of musical numbers such as "African Alphabet" and "We Are All Earthlings" (in both the original and the remake with Jill Scott); and was seen in a sketch with Ernie and Bert (performed by Joey Mazzarino, speaking only in "nee-deep"s).

A similar looking frog named Froggy (after the song "Froggy Went A Courtin'") was seen in the home video Kids' Favorite Country Songs. A quintet of Muppet frogs appears as The Friendly Froggies Five in one edition of Elmo the Musical. Other frogs, old and new, congregated in "The Frogs in the Glen."

A toad and a frog were seen in the song "Let's Lay an Egg" singing about their egg-laying powers.

Real frogs have made appearances on Sesame Street (including one sketch about frogs with Bob and Kermit).


Frogs from other Muppet productions include Doc Bullfrog from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas; Bill, Gil and Jill from The Muppets Take Manhattan; Goggles, Croaker and Blotch from Kermit's Swamp Years; and a realistic frog that made appearances on The Animal Show and Mopatop's Shop and a frog appeared in episodes of Mother Goose Stories. Real frogs appeared an episode of Fraggle Rock.

Frog Gallery[]

(This list includes frogs and toads, as in taxonomy, no distinction is made between the two.)

Illustrated frogs

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