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Nicky Holiday's skin comes in contact with Kermit.

A common belief held by many was that physical contact with an amphibious creature, such as frogs or toads, will result in one growing warts. However, this has proven to be merely an urban legend or myth.[1] Despite this, the Muppets have used this concept as a joke on several occasions.


  • On a 1974 appearance on The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson asks Kermit the Frog if he takes any personal offense when people bring up this rumor. Kermit claims to have never heard of it before and remarks, "I've caused dandruff every now and then...maybe a sore throat, but never, uh, warts."
  • As Kermit meets Irving Bizarre, Fozzie's agent, in episode 122 of The Muppet Show, he cracks many jokes about his small stature and the types of clients he handles. Irving snaps that he wouldn't handle Kermit; he'd get warts.
  • In episode 207 of The Muppet Show, Edgar Bergen asks about the difference between toads and frogs. Kermit claims that frogs are "handsome, debonair and charming, while toads are ugly and give you warts."


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