Written by Christopher "Brody" Brown
Peter Hernandez
Cee Lo Green
Philip Lawrence
Ari Levine
Date 2010
Publisher Bug Music, Inc.
Chrysalis Songs
EMI April Music, Inc.
God Given Music
Warner/Chappell Music

"Fuck You!" is a 2010 hit pop song recorded by Cee Lo Green. Censored versions of the song also exist: one entitled "Forget You" and another entitled "FU". Each version differs in lyrical content, with "Fuck You!" being completely uncensored, "Forget You" removing major profanities, and "FU" censoring all profanities.

The censored version of the song, "Forget You," is covered by Camilla and the chickens in The Muppets. The song also appears on the film's soundtrack.

An instrumental version of the song also appeared in several promos for The Muppets that appeared on television and online.

Elmo also sang the song when he appeared on Greg James, as "Forget You."

Music video

To promote the release of the film's soundtrack, Walt Disney Records released a music video of Camilla's performance of "Forget You" featuring an extended version of the song's performance from The Muppets intercut with clips from the film (and added video effects).

"Forget You" from The Muppets soundtrack (in stores 11 21)

"Forget You" from The Muppets soundtrack (in stores 11 21)


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