PERFORMER Tony Bennett
DEBUT 1996

Only one Fully Operational Automated Tony Bennett has ever been produced, and Johnny Fiama owns it. It features in episode 106 of Muppets Tonight when Johnny has hauled some of his Tony Bennett collection in to the studio to prepare for his interview with the real Bennett. The robot stands inside a glass case, and to the untrained eye, appears to be Tony Bennett trapped inside. Upon button activation, the copy of Bennett can sing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" or tell your fortune.

After Johnny meets the real Bennett, and fails to hold his composure in the presence of his idol, he confides in his most prized possession, as he's never had a problem opening up and singing with the fake. However, the prop turns out to be the real Bennett, standing in for the dummy -- an idea Sal had to allow the two to work together with confidence.

By the end of the show, everyone has gone home and Beauregard is sweeping up the studio. He switches off the lights even as the real Tony Bennett seems to have been locked in the glass case, mistaken for the automaton.