Günter Lüdke (1930-2011) was a German actor and voice artist who dubbed Eliot Shag in the German version of Dog City and, for a time, the right head of the Two-Headed Monster on Sesamstrasse.

Active in German television and cinema in the 1960s, Lüdke was a regular on the crime/adventure series Polizeifunk ruft (as assistant Herr Bollmann) and Percy Stuart (as the club butler James, opposite Claus Wilcke, later to dub Ace Hart). He also appeared in the Edgar Wallace "krimi" film The Forger of London.

Dubbing assignments included Lew Ayres and other guest stars on Columbo, bit parts on Bonanza and Mannix, and Frank Dawson in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939). In animation, he voiced Farmer Smurf on The Smurfs, Verminous Skumm on Captain Planet, and Karl Rossum on Batman: The Animated Series, while audio tape roles include the circus ringmaster in several Dumbo titles.

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