"The Grouch News Network"

GNN, which stands for Grouch News Network, is the Grouch version of CNN, the Cable News Network. The network's motto is "All grouchy, all disgusting, all yucky news, all the time." Newscasters of GNN include Oscar the Grouch of "Sesame Street", as well as Grouch versions of more notable broadcasters including Walter Cranky, Dan Rather-not, Meredith Beware-a and Diane Spoiler.

Oscar was the opening GNN reporter in Episode 4160. He got a lot of grouchy stories but, unfortunately, he accidentally kept telling the people he was talking to the advantage of their problems. Oscar thought he was gonna be ruined. However, because all the stories were so disgusting Grundgetta goes over to GNN headquarters (Oscar's trash can) where she tells Oscar that he actually won the Phlegmmy Award for the grouchiest news stories.

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