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PERFORMER Desiree Casado
DEBUT 1989

Gabi and her parents (1990)

Gabi and Miles graduate

Gabi and Miles graduate in Episode 4112.

Gabriela "Gabi" Rodriguez is the daughter of Maria and Luis Rodriguez. She was born in 1989 in a story closing out the 20th season of Sesame Street.

In their teenage years, Gabi and Miles had been known to assist Alan at Hooper's Store. She graduated from high school in Episode 4112 with Miles (despite the fact that their respective births on the show occurred four years apart). Season 38 saw Gabi attending college and beginning to take on a more adult role.

Gabi is no longer a character on the show starting with season 43, but is occasionally seen in re-used street stories.


  • The character of Gabi was born a year after the real-life birth of Sonia Manzano's child, who also played the role of Gabi on Sesame Street.



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