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Gabriela Rodriguez writer

Gabriela Rodriguez is a writer for television who co-wrote The Muppets Mayhem episode "Virtual Insanity."

She moved to Los Angeles in 2020 to pursue a career in screenwriting, where she was hired by her former high school classmate Adam Goldberg as a showrunner's assistant for his production company.[1]

Rodriguez was responsible for running the pitch for The Muppets Mayhem to Disney+, which took place virtually on a Zoom call. She and her fellow writers and producers recount the event during an episode of The Barretta Brothers podcast, explaining that the pitch consisted of The Electric Mayhem band members crashing the meeting. Her task included adding and removing each band member and their performer, but accidentally removed Bill Barretta (who was one-third of the pitch) permanently. The mishap resulted in a relaxed atmosphere amongst the creatives and executives, and the pitch ultimately led to Disney+ picking up the series.[1]


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