PERFORMER Laerte Morrone 1972-1977
  Fernando Gomes 2007-
DEBUT 1972

Garibaldo was the resident Big Bird counterpart on Vila Sésamo, the Brazilian co-production of Sesame Street. Garibaldo was blue, but since the original program was broadcast only in black and white, this fact was made clear only in merchandise and promotional images (although the character did appear in Roberto Carlos Especial, which aired in color). The puppet, as with the show's other characters, was constructed by Brazilian puppet builder Naum Alves de Sousa and not the Muppet Workshop. A comic book, Garibaldo, was published based on the character.

For the 2007 version of Vila Sésamo, producers were aware of the impact of the original Garibaldo. They brought the name and personality back, "as the link between the old and the new" according to Sesame Workshop producer Mary Tai. The team decided the original blue came across as drab on color sets and so revived Garibaldo as identical to Big Bird.[1] The production team uses vodka to clean the costume's feathers.[1]

Prior to the debut of the 2007 revival, a refurbished version of the original Garibaldo made a guest appearance on the special 40 Years TV Cultura, introducing the "new" Garibaldo. Hugo Picci performed the older Garibaldo.



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